Best mac pro for video editing 2013

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MacBook Pro, in its turn, is the best video editing laptop for a dynamic lifestyle or video creation process. The complexity of video editing can vary as well as the demands for your computer. Keep in mind that the basic specs that are listed for each Mac are a minimum for a software to function normally. The most popular video editing software for Mac, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut , mention all the requirements they need on their websites.

We use cookies along with other tools to give you the best possible experience while on this website. Help us improve how you interact with our website by accepting the use of cookies. You can change your privacy settings whenever you like. The basic configuration and some additional options for iMac are the following: iMac Pro for Video Editing With iMac Pro , you can edit 8K videos and create audio effects at the speed of light. MacBook Pro specs are listed below: Your decision about what Mac to buy depends mostly on whether you need it for professional everyday use or periodical amateur video edits.

Yes, They Can.

Best Mac Pro Configuration Video Editing

The Mac Pro could deliver seven teraflops of computing power thanks to those graphic cards and could push 4K external displays. All of this technology was packed into a tiny chassis that was just an eighth the volume of the previous design. All of the ports were around the back, with labels that illuminated when the machine was turned around. In October , Apple gave additional details about the Mac Pro. Apple was very proud of the fact that the machine was put together in the United States:.

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We published our first benchmarks of our review model, and the results were in some ways surprising: The eight-core Mac Pro was only 8 percent faster in our Speedmark 9 benchmark suite than a CTO iMac maxed out with a quad-core 3. These results came down to the massive multi-threading the Mac Pro was capable of, something that makes the iMac Pro stand out today.

I had to turn off my quiet Lacie 2big external RAID just to get an idea of what kind of noise it makes, and the drives are sitting much farther away.

Anand Lal Shimpi wrote more about how that was possible:. By having all three players share one large heatsink Apple can optimize for the most likely usage scenarios where at most one processor is running at close to max TDP. Unfortunately, that thermal balance is what would ultimately do this design in, but more on that in a minute. In short, early reviews were all very similar.

People were impressed with how much hardware Apple had packed into a small space, but most were skeptical that Thunderbolt 2 would take off as a meaningful way to expand the capabilities of the machine. In that time frame, the Retina iMac came out and complicated matters, as Marco Arment wrote:.

In fact, the case for the Mac Pro for anyone but advanced video editors, 3D modelers, and heavy OpenCL users is now weaker than ever. That comment about OpenCL is an important one. Even exporting at p VBR 1 pass which is lower quality it crashes at about 50 pct through. Absurd and very frustrating. So basically here we are paying the big bucks and they pretend that all seems fine!

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Hello Kevin. But Don't you think after the first case which was mine, now with more people having the similar issue, Adobe gurus should look into it? On top of that, with my MacBook pro if I try the same with option works well. Never Crashes So, there is something wrong with the new Mac Pro using the GPU resources after the export is longer than a couple of hours or so Short Exports work fine, the problem is when you do longer exports. I think Adobe should strongly look into this and give us an update or so, instead of washing their hands that it all works perfect, when It does not.

I was the first case ever, worldwide Not anymore, people are having the same issue and I waited for this moment just to make sure I was not the only lunatic, or black sheet that got a bad Mac Pro.

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Something is wrong, and thats for sure We have our new MacPro sinca about 6 weeks. The problems are this big, that we can't use the new MacPro anymore for the daily workflow and we step back to our old MacPro and the Retina MacBook Pro. We're in touch with adobe support, but they do not feel to take our problems seriously. Support says: " We can't help you this day.. Maybe some day an update of CC will eliminate the problems..

Perfect, thank you guys - we are a professional video studio and we NEED to have a system, that allows a fast workflow I am in the same position as Mr. A clean reinstall of OSX followed by a reinstallation of Creative Cloud applications made little difference. I've returned the Mac Pro to Apple and have ordered another. In the mean time, my Retina MPB continues to keep my doors open. C'mon Adobe team, keep the pedal to the metal. As soon as I finish editing my feature film soon, I will contact apple for replacement.

It is unacceptable, I am very frustrating that neither Apple nor Adobe care about this Think about it, Kevin and the other guys are not answering any of our humble complaints I love Adobe, Period! Life goes on!!! I have no problem with that I hope it happens soon Premiere Pro CC on timeline is awesome with 4k, but now with maverick latest update, guest what?

We get bars and artifacts also on the timeline Go figure We have a Mac Pro and have been using it to edit our feature length cinema bound documentary film. As for speed, this system is a real screamer with Premiere CC. It does not even flinch with multiple files of 4K RAW video playing concurrently. Editing our footage has been very fast, no dropped frames and in full resolution. The media composer is also extremely fast. We rendered a 20 minute 2K timeline in 18 minutes. On my iMac, this would have taken hours. Larry Jordan has some articles on the Mac Pro and its speed with media encoder.

He notes that both Apple Compressor and Adobe Media Composer each have some places where one does better than the other, AND neither seems to be perfectly optimized for the Mac Pro, but both soon will be. Even so, Media Encoder does extremely well with it and is at least as fast and usable as Compressor. FCPX might now finally be stable,but when I started with it, it was extremely unstable and cause a lot of headaches. I can say from experience that Premiere, especially on the Mac Pro is extremely stable and reliable. Like I said, a few quirks, but nothing major. Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled.

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Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Please enter a title. You can not post a blank message. Please type your message and try again. Is this true? If so, will Premiere Pro be updated any time soon to run best on a Mac Pro? This content has been marked as final. Show replies. Hi eschillay, No, it's not true. If you have any specific questions, let me know. Thanks, Kevin. Your claim: In fact, its dual GPUs can be utilized for export, for better quality and faster speeds.

Hi eschillay, Good luck with the new MacPro! I get similar playback performance to what I experienced on my 09 Mac Pro tower.

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Hi eschillay Haven't even bothered to load my old FCP studio apps onto the new machine. I upgraded from a Mac Pro dual Quad 2. Glad to hear it, Dennis! To post a reply, either reply to this email or visit the message page: To unsubscribe from this thread, please visit the message page at.

Which to Pick: Mac Pro or iMac? | Larry Jordan

No color correction no hard compositing ,nothing Did you start these projects in CS6 by chance, and then import them? Sorry meant to spell "hard" not "had". Does it make sense what I am saying, or am I here the crazy guy trying to make sense of this? I absolutely agree with alainmaiki! Please, Adobe - set the MacPro problems to highest priority in developping! Thank you. Go to original post.

best mac pro for video editing 2013 Best mac pro for video editing 2013
best mac pro for video editing 2013 Best mac pro for video editing 2013
best mac pro for video editing 2013 Best mac pro for video editing 2013
best mac pro for video editing 2013 Best mac pro for video editing 2013
best mac pro for video editing 2013 Best mac pro for video editing 2013

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