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The company handles touring and live needs for both corporate and major music shows. As an audio rental company back in those days it has expanded its business venture to capture each aspect of live events. The addition of SD10 console is a turning point for the company. Cris and his technical team found the combination of the SD10 and SD Rack to be one of the best all-round packages available to the industry, offering the right balance of sound quality, versatility and all round control. The whole set-up runs on Optocore connection.

Having a dedicated Master Stereo bus also adds value. From live concerts to corporate events, conferences to gala dinners, Audio Kris caters a wide range of clientele list. With its high fader count, high input and output buss counts; the SD10 is the right addition for our rental stock.

Plus if you connect the console with SD Racks via Optocore, the audio. We are glad that we could deliver the best to Audio Kris and we are always there to provide after sales training and support. Featuring 24 faders, 32 assignable knobs, and an integrated central touchscreen, S6LC is perfect for festivals, corporate events, and live sound installations.

The E6L connects to all S6L control surfaces, allowing users to select their desired processing capabilities without compromising on the level of control. Agenda of this workshop was to educate the participants on In-depth operation of the console and Trouble. Tanmay Masurkar, Assistant Manager led this workshop.

The workshop was majorly attended mainly by end-users of rental companies. SQ firmware V1. The companion V1. The Workspace is divided into two parts, with amplifiers occupying the lefthand space and loudspeakers sitting on the right. Users can move through four main steps: Design, Config, Tune, and Show, each offering a variety of functions.

Once the link function is completed, operations can be carried out directly at the loudspeaker and auditioning different presets becomes simple. Amplifiers can be added directly to a rack, while loudspeakers can. Creating advanced groups of loudspeakers offers the possibility of adjusting Gain, Delay, Polarity, and EQ. The new Tune:EQ page allows users to monitor the overall curve applied to every speaker, including groups. A Headroom meter adapts its LEDs based on the. The interface is designed to be free from sub-menus, with every function available via either a rightclick or a hotkey.

I will be heavily involved in product training and market development, engaging regularly with our current distributors, key users and commercial partners alike. The Pro solutions believes that there is an upcoming trend in the market apart from just selling cables, and that is of providing multiple solutions to the customers. The company has decided on dedicating a substantial amount of time and manpower to provide solutions which. Sheth, CEO. We are also using based on their needs the Hybrid solutions which with this concept. Nixon and Mr. And finally, the deal went through when Mr.

It was founded in by two audio engineers, including Marco Piromalli, who is the current President of the company. Link SRL is specialized in providing customized solutions along with a. Inspired by the military and avionics industry they developed a new breed of connectors that surpassed all requirements in the industry, these were sold earlier in India through and had a good name for themselves in their segment, but due do some unforeseen circumstances their products were not been here for the last 5 years.

To enhance its offerings, the Indian proaudio brand adds a new member to its Titan series of transducers; the monstrous TWF Copper voice coil. The low-frequency subwoofer speaker has a superb frequency response of Hz, ensuring a powerful reproduction of sub frequencies.

The TWF has a rated impedance of 8 ohms and a sensitivity of a whopping 98dB. The sub-woofer speaker incorporates a powerful ferrite magnet and a durable aluminium die-cast basket to. The use of highquality components like the paper cone, gasket and dust cap ensure a long life of the speaker.

Studiomaster Professional is committed to delivering a powerful subwoofer transducer that maintains its tonal qualities over prolonged usage. To ensure. The speaker delivers a powerful and punchy W output to ensure an earth-shattering lowfrequency reproduction. The TWF is designed to be versatile and suits a host of enclosure designs. With an exceptionally high output, extended low-frequency range and high sensitivity, the TWF is ideal for hirers, rental companies and DJs that require high bass handling capabilities.

A new post-production facility, Studio Fifty-Three in Surat is providing the city with a much-needed setup with state-ofthe-art acoustics and technology to handle all aspects of audio postproduction. Keeping in mind the growth of the music industry, when Surat-based sound engineer Shabbir Daginawala, who started his work in a small studio. Gujarat, which is emerging as a hub for the Gujarati film industry. Prior to Fifty-Three, most of the projects from Gujrat including serials and movies were coming to Mumbai for all the postproduction work.

Shabbir Daginawala has been a renowned music personnel in Surat since more than past 20 years. Their passion for their work in the sound and music industry led to the establishment of Studio Fifty-Three. The 7. The studio encompasses one Control Room and one Dubbing room. The centrally located lobby area, is the calm center of the studio. The sq. To achieve the best quality sound the room also accommodates the legendary. It also incorporates a Stereo Variable. The Dubbing Room spread over approx. Studio Fifty-Three took around six months to be completed, before it could open its doors as a fully functional studio.

The Studio Fifty-Three is functional and is running from around seven months now and attracting a wide variety of projects. We are happy to have included them into our journey of making one of the best. It just sounds amazing. That is when we realized that we had hired the right people to do this job. They really wanted nothing but the best. They left no room for compromises! When we finally tuned the room Studio Fifty-Three is now all set to offer their services not only to the Dhollywood but also to the entire film industry.

Both models are ideal for any professional application that demands high acoustic power or listening at a distance; from large immersive setups in postproduction studios or film mixing stages to play-live monitoring in music production or EDM playback. The result combines the neutrality for which Genelec is known, with a short-term SPL capability of dB - with peaks even higher - and a long throw capability that can provide reference quality accuracy even at listening distances of over 10 meters.

The S offers the benefits of main monitor performance in a condensed form factor, including excellent on-axis characteristics and uncoloured degree h to. The S enclosure offers versatile in-wall and on-wall mounting options, while down firing, flow optimized laminar integrated reflex ports LIP ensure tight and noise free bass output and are also perfectly suited for use with perforated screens. Alternatively, when the S is used in free-standing mode the innovative Iso-Plate effectively decouples the monitor from its base, focusing low frequency output while preventing vibration transfer and air turbulence.

Further flexibility comes courtesy of the system electronics, which can be either integrated into the enclosure or positioned remotely. Delivering precise, powerful low frequency extension down to 15 Hz, the houses three customdesigned inch long throw woofers. Each benefit from the vibration-free environment of a heavily braced fiberboard enclosure, with laminar flow bass reflex porting extending along the entire rear wall to ensure low distortion and compression-free performance, even when the delivers outputs in excess of dB SPL. That same precision is at the heart of every Genelec monitor.

It is why we believe so deeply in the growth of these exciting new multichannel formats, and why we have produced the S and to realize that immersive potential like never before. The new Edge Family consists of three large-diaphragm condensers — the fixed cardioid pattern Edge Solo, the multi-pattern Edge Duo, and the dual-capsule Edge Quadro. The new Edge mics deliver the characteristic sound of some of the most sought-after mics of all time with depth and realism.

Developed specifically for each mic, the emulations are based on exacting measurements of the original mics made in one of the best anechoic chambers in Europe. Antelope Audio founder Igor. We set out to deliver not just the best modeling mics available but the best microphones in the industry, period.

Edge Solo is the simplest of the three new mics. Connecting via a regular mono XLR cable, it houses a single large-diaphragm capsule with a fixed cardioid pickup pattern. Edge Duo features a dualmembrane capsule with independent outputs, allowing the signal from each membrane to be individually processed and recombined. This not only means users can vary the polar pattern from within the plugin, even after recording, it also allows the Edge Duo to accurately emulate the characteristic pickup pattern and onand off-axis response of each mic for true multi-dimensional mic modeling.

Users can select a different emulation and polar pattern for each head. The upper head can be rotated noiselessly even while the. Building on decades of refinement and input from artists around the world, the AXEdge features 49 full-sized keys and a professional sound set crafted specifically for keytarists. Compact and battery operated, the AX-Edge is a powerful mobile instrument that enables performing keyboardists to take center stage and put their music in the spotlight. The AX-Edge delivers a striking presence that makes any live.

Models are available in black or white finishes. The black model features an all-black keyboard for a dark, sophisticated appearance. Each AX-Edge model comes with an extra Edge Blade in the box a silver Edge Blade for the black model and a gold Edge Blade for the white , allowing the player to create a fresh look that complements their personal performance style.

Optimized for stage performance, the sounds are designed to cut through even in loud bands. Due to its Tone function, players can switch sounds seamlessly without notes or effect tails being cut off prematurely. With its highly intuitive neck controls, the AX-Edge offers maximum expression for taking performances to new levels.

Gigging keyboard players need to cover lots of different sounds and parts, and often have to function as the backbone of the entire act. The AX-Edge is filled with thoughtful stage features, including an innovative dual display system, arpeggiator, and onboard song player for handling backing duties. The instrument can also be powered via an AC adaptor. Repeat, Full Velocity only send velocity The sE features a handcrafted true condenser capsule, three patterns, two attenuation. Fluid Audio has announced that they are now shipping its SRI-2 Recording Interface, which doubles as a monitor switching box for two pairs of monitors.

The SRI-2 offers wide dynamic range and very low self-noise. The two combo inputs on the.

Here is the story of where these sounds came from:

SRI-2 are placed on the front panel, while the housing is angled towards the user, making it easier to access knobs and buttons. The USB 2. For further details visit www. Both UR-RT series units successfully combine rugged durability, easy connection to mobile devices, such as laptops and iPads, with superb sound quality. Added to the highquality D-PRE-preamps, the inclusion of switchable Rupert Neve Designs transformers on the front inputs adds exceptional musicality, expressiveness and rich harmonics, delivering the most professional sound for your music projects.

Core Audio or WDM standards. Installing the driver is simple and seamlessly integrates the UR-RT with your favourite audio software. The latest dspMixFX technology. Cubase owners benefit from. Ravisankar started his career in pro audio in , as a Product Specialist and Product Manager with the Avid Digidesign distributor in India.

In his thirteen-year career with Avid, he was Application Specialists Manager and then managed all audio sales for Avid, including live, studio and. After a brief stint running an Avid Training Location in Bengaluru, he was heading sales at Overtone Audio, a Mumbai-based one-stop-shop for location and studio recording solutions.

It is a great pleasure to now join this global leader and to manage sales in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, territories. Reportedly, having built a reputation in professional studio monitoring, ADAM Audio is building on this expertise to deliver a high-end closed-back headset with a balanced frequency response, ranging between 8 Hz to 38 kHz. With this technology, the sound transducers are spatially arranged in such a way that the radiated sound communicates with the natural shape of the ear chamber and its specific. This is said to make mixing easier than with a headset pointing directly into the ear.

Renowned for clarity, output and versatile capabilities that has amazed audio professionals around the globe. All StudioLive Series III console and rack mixer owners are strongly encouraged to update their firmware to version 1. The Vintage Channel Strips Bundle comprises four meticulously crafted emulations of highly regarded vintage audio processors:. A Dante card provides up to 64 channels. For a mixer up to four Dante cards can be used. There are no DSP limitations on the number of plug-in instances, and the plugins can be used on every input channel.

Continued from page 50 canal. Thus, the SP-5 might be a good option for extended mixing sessions. A rugged, generously padded, custom case keeps the SP safe during transportation and storage. The Sterling SP stands 7. Faster just got bigger. A leading lighting designer, Harold Fernandes has been offering creative and technical solutions for live stages for almost two decades and has comprehensive knowledge and experience on some of the most famous stages.

Following his recent appearance as lighting designer for the AR Rahman US Tour , PT got in touch to find out how he has gotten to where he is today, and share his perspective of the lighting industry trends and technologies. He is rarely restricted in his art. Ceremonies, Special Events etc. His journey in the lighting industry goes back to , when he was a. Technical Sound Assistant at Super Rhythms where he found himself drawn to the artistry behind the lighting of live stages and sets. I literally started from down the ranks and worked hard to learn and grow. The company had decided to invest into lighting gear and ventured on to purchase intelligent lights Scanners and some other conventional lights.

I was intrigued and captivated with the mesmerizing lighting effects, colors and the impact lighting could create during a live show. The ability to change the entire ambience, emotion,. The rig was designed with special truss system so that the lighting fixtures are pre-rigged and travel within the truss avoiding the need for flight cases. Enamored by the lighting desk, he went on to light several prestigious shows and artistes. My role here is to look at the bigger projects across all the branches, not just in lighting but overall and deliver a good visual experience to the client and audience.

A visually impactful and complete experience is always my focus during a show. However, synergy with other technical departments such as Audio, Special FX, Graphics, and Video is also very important. Working and maintaining a good rapport with the creative and technical. After some brainstorming with the event management company BToS Productions and the Production Manager we came up with a simple yet effective truss plan, bearing in mind the creative requirement of the show.

The rig was. To achieve this, my rig rarely has generic fixtures. On this tour every light was an intelligent fixture i. This makes the rig dynamic and helps in achieving much more with lesser limitations. We used a variety of Martin fixtures on this show. This helped us maintain the color palettes better as it was from the same manufacturer. R Rahman, the name itself is like a huge brand name. The unique challenge is to uphold the pride and prestige of this brand. To deliver to his satisfaction is the biggest challenge, and I am happy doing just that. The audience too has beyond par expectations when it comes to their favorite artist.

The integration of large quantities of LED visual content on set along with Lighting also requires lot of planning. Clay Paky over the years has proven to be stable and they are constantly upgrading the features. It was a touring show. The whole rig was addressed and tested before it left the warehouse. This was done in a similar manner in which big international acts tour.

There was a lot of pre-programming done for this show as well. We had an extremely tight time frame while moving from one venue to the other, so, we could not afford to make any mistakes and everything had to be spot on. It pushes designers to customize sets. Today I would say Indian show sets are at par and in some cases, above the US or European entertainment industry. Commercials play an important role and a decisive factor for lot of regular shows, but to get around these external hurdles and still to be able to deliver a spectacular show is a challenge and an art.

Time has come when Technical Teams are gaining substantial prominence, since the responsibility of a great show is not. Using great quality fixtures from manufacturers such as Robe, Clay Paky and Martin can put a dent on any budget, so the natural temptation in India has been to settle for budget China kit. Over the last 3 or 4 years, they have evolved to be good products. There are a lot of good Chinese fixtures in the market.

The right choice of fixtures is what matters. They have established their own standard and are moving up. Similarly, lighting design has evolved from just lighting up the stage and performer. This integration opens a lot of creativity for the show and final output, which was much restricted earlier. I am designing a lot of production designs with complete lighting and visual integration. I prefer to trigger graphics and light presets during the show with timecode.

This helps to get the right balance and be on cue. Currently, LED fixtures are more versatile and are getting brighter with much lower power consumption. There is a combination of lens and lamp for desired results. LED pixel mapping has opened up the scope for new effects. Indian based shows have different cultural concepts. Sets have been elaborate and. It is hence, vital to set up the stage using appropriate gear.

Whatever the scale of production, besides a good measure of. Budgets differ drastically from event to event. For any creative person it will never be. It could be, that one particular light that comes on, at the right time, which can create the WOW factor! Build your looks with feeling, listen to the music and understand what the act or song demands. Let it touch your soul. In order to deliver clear and even audio coverage throughout the facility,. Auditorium at Guru Nanak College. Kangayan, Owner, Studio Care.

The JBL loudspeakers have delivered. Dante Adapter Modules are pre-programmed and are easily integrated into larger host devices to provide Dante network support without the need for PCB design and manufacturing, component procurement and programming, significantly reducing time-to-market. These modules can be used to. Using the same high-quality fieldtested components as the Dante AVIO adapter family, Dante Adapter Modules enable fast development of professional audio products with proven components.

The modules are designed for over-molding, clamshell enclosures or mounting on a baseboard, enabling manufacturers to design products with their own physical enclosures, branding, and connectors. They are fullyfunctional Dante devices which can provide a hardware master clock for a Dante network, and are also Dante Domain Manager ready.

Management for Audinate. The performance venue par excellence has upper floors with designated rooms to practise the tabla, the flute, Bharatanatyam and Kathakali, among others; in addition to the auditorium itself being integrated with world class technology to capably reinforce any kind of. The legendary auditorium features a world-class professional audio. The RDLA assures pristine audio playback throughout front-of-stage; ably reinforced by RDW subwoofers delivering the impactful low frequency fidelity.

The auditorium is installed with 28 units of RD12 loudspeakers and 4 units of RD10 loudspeakers, to make sure that every last seat experiences consistent world-class quality sound. RD10 loudspeakers, each of which have been methodically placed along the flanks and niches of the auditorium to make sure that every last seat in the space experiences consistent world-class quality sound.

The audio playback for performers on-stage is guaranteed equal importance, with 8 units of the RDM floor monitors acting as the source of pure listening pleasure. The entire loudspeaker setup is powered through a slew of high-quality power amplifiers including multiple units of the RD4.

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The RD system sounds absolutely fantastic and we must commend Roger and his team on a great job done! First out of the gate is the new Adorn series of on-wall loudspeakers that bring class-leading performance, reliability and value to a wide range of commercial sound installations. From the retail store to the boardroom, Adorn loudspeakers are designed for distributed sound applications that require high performance from visually-discreet, ultra-compact enclosures. They also provide a seamless sonic transition within a multi-zoned complex using.

The loudspeakers have a nominal impedance of 16 ohms, enabling four or more speakers to be driven in parallel by one amplifier channel, thereby maximising efficiency and minimising cost. The church is known to be actively involved in social service in addition to sharing the good news of god, and this has garnered a great deal of praise for their initiatives. We opted to go for the Mackie Thump15A powered loudspeakers owing to our trust in its great quality and delivery, as we have deployed them across many other churches in. As for the Mackie ProFX16v2, it offers enhanced features and great performance at an unbeatable price point.

The compact mixing console not only offers clean sound and unmatched. Continued from page 60 exceptional sound quality and coverage, and the client is very satisfied with the installation. The loudspeakers are powered with two Crown DCi 4lN power amplifiers, the subwoofers are powered by a Crown DCi 4lN power amplifier, and the side fills are powered by a DCi 2lN power amplifier. Audio is mixed on a Soundcraft Si Impact channel digital mixing console, and AKG microphones provide exceptional clarity and intelligibility for cultural programs, lectures, demonstrations and other presentations.

Despite being a small community, their contribution in the field of education is commendable. The entire project was completed in just two months—from planning to execution. Continued from page 61 in a diminutive, attractive and competitively priced package. SX can also be suspended by means of integral M8 threaded inserts. VIA is a new range of four high performance, cost effective power amplifiers designed primarily for installation use, but also suited to portable applications.

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Precision series and this VIA range of amps offers our users affordable highperformance amplifiers for use with our other loudspeakers. The final new product to be announced is U-Hub. When used in conjunction with the Martin Audio DX4. Before all else though — Music is what keeps the night young for all; and the music at Tic Tac Toe aims to cover as much of the spectrum as it possibly can through an opportune programming schedule that witnesses non-intrusive lounge music during the day, which progresses into groovy electronic vibes as the night moves on.

The unsung hero behind the amazing music experience here is the exceptional aural reinforcement. The loudspeaker setup has been designed keeping in mind the physical attributes and dimensions. Vibhor Khanna, Country Manager — SAARC, Bose Professional of the space which mainly entails little to no acoustic treatment and a rather high ceiling, making it quite the challenge to work around.

A member of the management at Tic Tac Toe shares their views. The system is simply fabulous. The speakers accurately reproduce all kinds of music with great ease; and has enough room to deliver a louder and more impactful audio performance whenever needed. Rise up, be heard The perfect team player to making your vocals sound professional on any stage. JTS, a complete range of professional microphones, wireless systems and headsets. The new products is suited for small- to mid-sized cinemas of India.

By including new, patent-pending technologies that complement the legendary sound of JBL cinema loudspeakers, the Series offers improved performance and coverage while dramatically lowering the total cost of ownership. In India, we are the number one choice for multiplexes across the country. The new audio system is ideal for customers. The integrated Acoustic Apertures create a hornloading effect, helping to maintain a wide horizontal coverage pattern through the crossover range while improving speech clarity. The result is an even coverage of the entire cinema seating area, making every seat the best seat in the house.

The Analog Input and Digital Input accept audio signal from any cinema server. Mic Input normally connects to a RTA microphone for room tuning. CPi offers four input options — Analog. This economical super-cardioid microphone ensures excellent on-axis pickup and has been designed to suit a variety of professional vocal applications.

The microphone is specially engineered for higher gain and less feedback in live applications while delivering a natural and fuller tone. A noticeable characteristic of this microphone is the accurate and warm tone it reproduces. The microphone is available in two colour variants; black and silver. The SM XLR is an ideal solution for vocal reproduction at houses of worship, institutions, conference, clubs as well as for professional artists and entertainers.

Continued from page 64 their patrons — be the food and beverage or any other aspect of the service experience. This was what the client insisted from the get-go and it is so heartening to see everything come to fruition just the way it was envisioned.

Marks in Bengaluru. This training was attended by around 30 officials from Sales and Technical Teams of various renowned S. I companies and Consultancy firms. This was the second time when Sun Infonet conducted the same Training with small inclusions and change of pattern in Bengaluru. Some of the S. The first day of training featured Microflex Advance sales and saw the delivery of a technical presentation, while the second-day topics such as best practices for the Advance system, voice lift, and audio networking, in addition to a hands-on session with Microflex Wireless.

The final day provided practical demonstrations of Microflex Advance in which they involve entire process from systems working to its setup and installation. This conference session was followed by an online Microflex Advance Certification test for attendees. The CDL12 Constant Directivity Loudspeaker combines the best attributes of point source and line array technology into a unique patent-pending design, radiating a highly focused pattern with consistent SPL throughout the frequency response range, both on- and offaxis.

The companion subwoofer, the CDL18s, utilizes an innovative ported design that maximizes efficiency to create a big bass sound from a compact cabinet. Both Dante -enabled, powered enclosures can be flown as a vertical array, or combined for groundstacked applications to create a complete, coherent loudspeaker system with an even response across the frequency spectrum.

Each CDL12 consists of eight 2-inch drivers aligned in a segmented circular-arc high-frequency array centered in front of a inch woofer. The output of the low-frequency driver travels from the same acoustic axis as the high-frequency array so that the pattern always radiates from the center of the CDL12—whether used individually, or as part of an acoustically coupled vertical array with up to six enclosures. Because of this, the CDL12 avoids the near-field anomalies that can interfere with the sound quality of a traditional line array. This makes the CDL12 ideally suited for a broader range of venue sizes, creating a far-field.

As a line array system for fixed installations, the ability to fly five enclosures under one or two companion CDL18s subwoofers provides considerable flexibility when addressing room size. The CDL18s features a unique port configuration that maximizes efficiency to create big bass sound from a compact cabinet. Each of the four triangle-shaped ports is placed in a corner so that it couples to the cabinet, using the side walls to effectively elongate each port and allowing the CDL18s to move more air in a compact enclosure.

Its custom inch low-frequency transducer with 4-inch voice coil can travel 7 mm before over-excursion, and easily handles W, providing the articulate low-end punch audio professionals demand. And capably reinforcing the music impact at the plush rooftop bar is the unobtrusive yet poignant pro audio setup comprising the RD15 loudspeakers with the RD18W subs, both of which are powered through RD4. The system at all three key locations of our hotel i. Not only are we extremely pleased with the quality of sound, but also.

And one of the key factors that makes this the most preferred destination for events of all kinds is the impeccable quality of aural experience that. The world cuisine restaurant and the Indian veg restaurant experience consistent highquality audio delivery and impressive low frequency fidelity thanks to the impactful audio system which features multiple numbers of the compact and efficient RD5.

Spitfire Creative Technologies announced the completion of the acquisition of Green Hippo, a developer and manufacturer of awardwinning media servers and digital display products. We have grown well and want to continue growing. Becoming a member of the. Spitfire family allows Green Hippo to focus on growing further and faster. We look forward to their strong organizational support, so we can do more to help our customers and users around the world deliver the best live video experiences.

With complimentary technologies, all addressing cuttingedge audio and video, the combined companies will better address a. From siu mai and traditional crystal dumplings to cheung fun rolls to a variety of sushi and a slew of sea-food goodness — Keiba serves up a storm that proves to be a treat for. An evident nip in the air in the outdoor section provides the perfect transient to the bustling energy in the indoor section which is almost always abuzz with music; and the lovely bar which is shared by the outdoor and indoor spaces.

In a nutshell, the music policy is fairly-simple, with genres across the electronic spectrum dominating the weekly programming, subject to the day of the week. The residents work closely with the core management team in devising unique and enticing music themes for each day of the week with the idea being to constantly reinvent the programming schedule.

The programming schedule, we learn, is created after intense analysis that comprises an amalgam of a close watch on current music trends local and international and customer feedback. We are extremely particular about music and sets, and there is an evident effort to ensure that the quality and repertoire of the music being played is simply exceptional. And thus far our patrons have loved it.

AN AURAL TREAT The unsung hero behind the amazing music experience here is the exceptional aural reinforcement which heightens the music playback throughout the venue — delivered through a top-notch pro audio architecture comprising an amalgam of products from world class brands Niles Audio, Atlas Audio, Nova Audio and ToneArt; designed and integrated by the team from Rivera International — the official distributors in India of the aforementioned pro-audio brands.

This was the brief that we received during the planning stages of the project and its so heartening to see everything come. During the commissioning stages of the auditorium though, it was found that the space posed several acoustical challenges due to the sheer.

MIDAS PRO2 Offline Editor - How to Download & Install

This was the kind of high-quality engineered solution that the. A key highlight of the facilities and infrastructure is the sprawling auditorium; which undoubtedly makes for a visually stunning space, in addition to the fact of it playing host to. Based on the results derived from the analysis, and. The Bose Modeler design software helped us identify a lot of reverberation and.

These modules are highly steerable, thereby allowing the engineers to direct audio to a great degree of concentration to maximizing intelligibility, and, also deliver appropriate SPL with right tonal balance needed for the wide variety of applications. The surround system includes Bose RoomMatch Utility RM multi-utility loudspeakers, which uses the same compression drivers as the main array speakers, strategically placed across the venue to ensure crystal clear audio delivery at every seat.

The system functions so wonderfully, and the quality of sound is really crisp and clear. We are so happy we chose to partner with Bose! Kudos to the entire audio team, and great commendation to Bose Professional for offering such wonderful products. I believe the auditorium at AIIMS Jodhpur is a shining example of a truly adept and efficient performance space; and it is a matter of great pride for everyone involved with this project, that the eventual result is nothing less than spectacular sound. Continued from page 70 to fruition just the way it was envisioned. The entire loudspeaker set up is powered through a fortified amplification system comprising the R series and TA series power amplifiers from ToneArt.

The audio design and alignment has been worked in a manner that ensures every last inch of the venue experiences crystal clear sound and impressive aural impact. From crystal Dimsums and Bao with shredded chicken in black pepper sauce to stir-fries wok tossed chicken with Schuan pepper and broccoli in soy sauce to the Thai green curry with Jasmine rice, and of course Tab Tim Crob and more — Nom Nom aims to please the palate and the soul alike. The open bar and kitchen concept of the venue is a fun concept — both spaces are cosy when compared to the spacious seating area which features interiors made of jute,.

Even the small bar has backlit wire mesh bar apron behind vertical wooden fins with a backlit display, going well with the solid chocolate brown stone top. And the low-key Jazz music playing in the background. While the SM82T loudspeakers provide for high quality crystal clear mid to high frequency reproduction, the VS18 subwoofers faithfully deliver the ever-crucial low frequency fidelity. Circular cutouts of metallic gongs and scripts sourced from China fill one wall of the rectangular space and the other is a wooden screen wall with coloured glass inserts and custom wall lights.

Concentric circles are strewn everywhere, from. Reinforcing the lovely soothing music is the ever efficient and flamboyant professional audio system at Nom Nom, comprising an eclectic loudspeaker setup from world class brand Atlas Audio featuring the SM82T surface mounted install series. A great ambience built around great sound! And we at Rivera International are extremely glad to have had the chance to commission good work for a great dining venue like Nom Nom.

Our regulars love dining and lounging here at Nom Nom, and the ambience is one of the biggest attractions! PT takes a look. Located in the industrial Kothari Compound of Kokanipada area of Thane West in Central Mumbai, Warehouse Lounge is a casual dining and dance venue boasting of great menu and an equally happening ambiance.

Warehouse Lounge delivers a blissful sensory experience, courtesy a high power sound system and a vibrant light-. A visually minimalist Martin Audio system supplied by Integrated Entertainment Solutions IES has been installed at the venue, but what stands out at the new lounge is the lighting, also designed and installed by the company. The promoters had provided a clear, simple brief that they wanted a nightspot that Thane had not seen before. There are pubs and. The venue can easily accommodate people.

The ground level has seating on both sides with the bar located to the far end of the ground level, with a dance area in front of the bar. There is an upper deck or mezzanine level where the VIP area and DJ booth are located and additionally, there is a quieter outdoor section where people can have a smoke or can sit down and have a relaxed conversation. The size and scale of the venue is its main USP. Though the venue was intended to be used as a lounge as the name suggests for most part of the time, IES based their lighting design concept to suit a multi-utility venue.

We achieved this by using down lights and by using LED lighting bars on Lighting Inventory the walls to create a very rich lounge 3 watts laser IES brand effect. The venue can also be used for announcing a product launch by using the spotlight feature in the moving heads that we have installed.

Two projectors and projection screens on either sides allows patrons to project images and videos. Even if people wanted to host a party and wanted to book the whole place, they would be able to use the venue very effectively, courtesy the lighting The venue boasts of a high ceiling of 20ft from ground level and IES ensured that they used this to their advantage.

The venue boasts of a high ceiling of 20ft from ground level and IES ensured that they used this to their advantage. The main challenge for IES was working around the structure of the roof as it was not flat and was slanted on both sides of the centre. IES had to get creative to implement the design and install the lights.

It has presets already built into it, which allows you to do a lot of. Once you do a little basic mapping and storing, the rest is a cakewalk and can be done by anybody very easily. Based on that you could use your sound to generate colours, patterns and generate incredible designs. Madrix allows us to program designs. As a part of our installation package, we have also given them a programmer and he has programmed certain features, and the venue has a LJ who works with us to un-.

There were pro and cons to this. People who have not been in the hospitality industry cannot visualize beyond a point but the beauti-. Everything was conceptualised and planned to the T. Only after I had worked on several Autocad drawings and explained the entire concept of the tubes, lasers, LED dots, projectors etc. The lighting installation that took about a month and a half to be completed, today stands testament to the twenty-year expertise of IES as one of the premiere companies in the field of pro lighting. It combines the popular interface of the Tiger Touch II with more live control than ever before.

These consoles designed with a quick and easy user interface, 9. Built-in Wi-Fi allows for remote control from a tablet or phone, which can also serve as a 2nd external monitor. These consoles are ideal for students, volunteers, or parttime operators, and comfortable to use even by professionals on small-scale shows.

Eaton FLX S48 FLX S48 has double the power with intuitive and hands-on control of up to 96 fixtures, and a touch monitor output to provide quick access to palettes and an overview of the show. The console is the heart and soul of any lighting design and choosing the right one from the array available in the market can get daunting. Here, we feature some lighting consoles, which exhibit great technology.

The product focus section is intended only as a guide and does not endorse any product. The LS-1 brings together the best features from the world. It provides all the features that make the Vista such a great live desk. The Lighting Trail Lighting, lasers and lighting console sales and distribution has grown robustly across the Indian market.

Lighting engineer and founder of artist and event management agency, Mixtape - Naveen Deshpande, talks to PT about the current trends in lighting and growth and future of the Indian lighting industry. The demand for professional lighting equipment has grown in both rental as well as the fixed install market. There has been a tremendous growth. We are obviously a bit behind in terms of fixtures reaching our continent at the same time it is launched but I am happy to see the competitive inventory being introduced in the market by different vendors.

It clearly shows there is an urge to grow and cope up with technology and inventory available outside of India. While designing the lighting for an event or venue, creative decisions are primarily dependent on two things i. Stage lighting for big music acts driven by EDMs and International pop and rock stars has grown rapidly in India, and with more international artistes expected to perform in the coming years, rental companies find it necessary to boast of a global quality inventory.

If the idea resonates, then most of the time they come ahead to support what you have in mind. Changes, budgets, adjustments will always be a criteria in the event management world. The resources to bring the creative ideas to life are getting better now, especially, in terms of budgets. He has also worked as a radio jockey at a Planet M store in Pune as a teenager. Practically, Naveen grew up alongside the very nascent indie rock scene in the country. As this scene evolved, mutated and branched into alternative rock, fusion, electronic and other live music avenues, he used his passion for music and penchant for the business to stack up experience in managing bands, booking shows, dealing with promoters and venues, and eventually producing shows.

The main forte of his company — Mixtape, is artist management, bookings, touring and. The VDO sceptron, Dotron series has been on top of my mind and I have been trying out few ideas on how I can integrate the same in my shows. I am waiting for the Martin Vipers to hit the market soon. Last year at the NH7 Weekender Festival, I was fortunate enough to use Showtech Sunstrips, which have been my favorite from then on, and they look fantastic.

Although I am glad that Avolites and grandMA have joined hands together to work on this issue. Hopefully, we will have the replica police in India too. I have built my career on Avolites, so, I still use it for a lot of my shows. I have also started using grandMA very recently, so I am still exploring that side of technology. To create a perfect stage, visual content has to be holistic and lasers have been an important aspect of lighting in recent years on stage as well as entertainment venues like pubs,.

Passionately sharing your experiences and knowledge with others is the only way to nurture and help the lighting industry grow in India. It just opens up another spectrum altogether. I think before anything we all need to ensure that we set good safety standards for all the people working in the lighting world.

For starters, the taking home from this expedition that hit a home run with me was the sheer prowess at which the local riggers put our installations up in each of their venues and the manner in which they achieved their objectives be it bridles, dead hangs. They were all amazing and this counts for the years of training and the specialist skill set they possess.

Now coming from someone like me who would come to load-in at AM with the Production Manager, I would stare into the roof just watching these. I came home procuring a lot of the rigging gear and venue measuring apparatus they used and I was just like a trainee rigger, Learning to Fly!

Meet the New Soundly!

The audio systems engineers too, I worked with three unique blokes who had a trick up his sleeve and a workflow that I could write home about. Now being the Audio Director and Systems Engineer for the project there is always going to be a clash of opinions or a different design strategy on rigging and aligning the PA systems. We have to cover up for each other in order to work and this is the genesis of making friends and earning respect rather than leaving a graveyard of relationships. The rental house we worked with was a company I would shake in my formative years to read what they achieved with Metallica and to synergize with them on this tour.

My team without whom, I am nothing in the entire scheme of things. I want to thank you forward thinkers, dreamers and go-getters from the bottom of my heart, you pushed the boat out of this project and the very fact that you guys learnt all the songs, solos and put your cumulative years of experience into a 3 hour show what normally has always been a clinical job to a creative one and during our meetings the one thing I kept pushing you guys was our tour audio hash tag ArtisanSound I am so proud you lived unto it.

Thank You! But what are the repercussions or not! Seasoned lighting designer Atul Sonpal discusses the consequences of being at the sharp end of the business. A decade ago, we had to rely on international lighting designers for many shows because India had only a handful of designers including me. We would design lighting for International artistes in India, as well as Indian artistes touring abroad. I have gone to Australia for AR Rahman shows and have done lot of shows all around the world, which are very much in tandem with international standards.

In terms of inventory, all the equipment had to be sourced from Mumbai at one point in time. But, today almost every tier 1 city has its own cluster of lighting distributors and engineers, who are capable, well equipped and trained enough to deliver whatever is needed for the show. Even in non-metro cities like Indore, Nagpur and Pune, the growth of the industry is very much visible. There was a time when laser lights were not easily available in the market, but today, the Indian market has an array of choices.

Technology too is evolving rapidly with regular updates on products. Challenges Although the lighting industry is on the upward curve with continuous growth, there are certain roadblocks, with budget constraints being one of them. Lighting is the life of every show; every big stage requires a lot of lighting, which cannot be compromised. Every client wants a great show with great lighting effects on stage, but no one wants to pay for it. Very few shows in India have the kind of budget, which would allow us to use only branded equipment.

This is the reason why some of the better products from major brands are missing from rental inventories. In order to meet the requirements and expectations of the client, lighting rental companies have to choose cheap Chinese products over good branded products. Years ago, I was charging Rs 50 to 60 lakhs per award night, but now I am doing those same shows for The first thing that every client says is I do not have the budget, but they all want a good show. In order to match their tastes and requirements, we have to use Chinese products.

Nevertheless, the industry is evolving gradually and many suppliers are demanding good quality equipment. The other major challenge is the limited set-up time we get. We have to do this in a very short span of time so that the sound people can then fly their speaker systems and the artistes can take the stage for the final rehearsal. Only few big budget shows give us ample time and enough budgets. This has led to a catch 22 kind of situation.

The cheap costs of the lights allow us to use more inventory and lighting effects on stage, which in turn makes the show look good. The client is happy, so again the next time they offer us the same measly budget. We are trying to change this trend from our end with the help of visionary clients. For instance, we used only quality lights for AR Rahman shows, as I had support from.

Rahman is very quality conscious. The artiste too has to be like-minded; unfortunately, most other Indian artistes do not care about the sound and lighting gear used on stage. Claypaky is the first company in the world to introduce the Sharpy to the lighting market, but the Chinese came out with cheap copies and they have now earned more than Claypaky has in the Indian market. If one Clay Paky costs 2. Adding to this dilemma is the fact that big brands come up with a new products every three-four months.

For instance, Claypaky came out with a Super Sharpy after the Sharpy, but bigger rental companies who brought the Sharpy, have not yet got their ROI from the earlier Sharpy. Meanwhile the Chinese have already copied the Super Sharpy and even a small rental company has a higher version than the bigger rental companies have. Investment on Lighting Consoles When it boils down to the controllers however, all companies want a good quality original brand because the console is the heart and soul of.

Claypaky came out with a Super Sharpy, but bigger rental companies who brought the earlier Sharpy, have not yet got their ROI. It is the console, which makes the lights, work the way they do. Most companies do not invest in Chinese consoles because if there is a problem in the console, it can ruin the entire show; none of the lights will work.

In contrast, if you have Chinese lights and 10 are not working, nobody will even notice. There are of course Chinese companies who make copies of Avolites and sell it at one tenth of the price of Avolites, but there are few takers for this. Also, most brands come out with new consoles only once in two-three years, unlike the light inventory, wherein new lights can be found in the market every quarter.

Therefore, for big popular brands, the market in India lies in shows with international artistes, for which big rental companies need to be equipped with good equipment. In order for all lighting companies to invest in quality brands, we need many more international artistes coming down to India.

Nobody wants to invest in expensive lighting for just one or two shows in a year, but yes, if in a month there are two shows then more companies are bound to invest in quality equipment. Market Growth I have been working in the industry from last 25 years and year after year the industry is just growing.

A decade or two decades ago there were only six to seven lighting companies in India, but now there are lighting companies. This growth is mainly because of the Chinese products market though. Sales Division. Starting operations from a 1, sq. PR started business very early in as an OEM. If the controls do not light, check your connections made during installation. Modules Surface modules in frame Chapter 3: First Time Setup 14 10 To confirm that the module flashing in the Surface page is connected and correctly positioned, touch or press any physical control on that module.

Its lights turn off, and the next module flashes. Touch Undo if you touch the wrong module. Figure 4 shows all modules confirmed except the Knob Modules on the far right, which are light gray. Figure 4. Confirming modules Figure 5. Assigning Display Modules Configuring Multiple S6 Systems on One Network Multiple S6 systems can operate on one network, but each S6 system and the workstation that controls it must be able to identify each other.

You then assign that same number to the work- station that will control this S6. If your installation has just one S6 system on a network, leave the Desk ID set to its default value of 1. The Surface options open; Desk ID is the only entry. Figure 6. Finished Surface Arrangement Local Options Chapter 3: First Time Setup 16 The message outlined in yellow in Figure 7 informs you that the Master Module must restart to enact this change.

Touching Can- cel avoids restarting and leaves Desk ID with its previous setting. When the Master Module reboots, the previous arrangement is cleared and you must create a new one. Figure 7. Multiple workstations can be connected to S6 at once, but only one is attentioned at a time. The attentioned workstation has exclu- sive access to the S6 surface. A workstation can be selected but not attentioned so you can derive information about the worksta- tion, its applications, and EUCON version.

Custom names can be assigned to connected workstations. The Workstations screen appears, with the Network column on the left and the Connected column on the right. WS switch Figure 8. Figure Attentioned 1 and selected 2 workstations with Info area 3 22 21 3 Offline A connected workstation can become offline if WSControl was shut down properly on that workstation see Figure Workstation connected Figure Workstation offline Figure Workstation unreachable After a quick scan, S6 is ready to use with Pro Tools.

You do not need to configure any other Ethernet Controllers set- tings. Home Screen Lets you select and edit the Attention Track functions. Includes the Track and Meter Scrollers. Tracks Screen Lets you quickly select tracks, attention a track to the Home screen, and enable track record, input, mute, and solo functions. Displays categorized and color-coded tracks in the Track Matrix if supported by the audio application.

Monitoring Screen Lets you assign monitor controls. Settings Screens Let you set up the control surface, manage workstations, create and edit Soft Keys, and set S6 operational Pref- erences. The About page displays software version information and lets you Logout and Shutdown. Parts of the Home screen may appear blank without an Attention Track assigned. Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 23 Home Screen The Home screen provides the following: Meter Scroller Displays track metering and other information, assists track navigation, and can attention tracks.

Track Scroller Displays status indicators for each track, assists track navigation, and can select and attention tracks. Each function has its own color so their parameters are easy to distinguish. You can select one function at a time to edit in the Function Editor. The selected function has an orange outline. Attention Track Editor Figure Function Scroller with Pan selected The four parameters in the top or bottom half of each col- umn can be assigned to the left or right Attention Track Knobs.

Two brackets flash slowly around the selected parameters. The knob lights when active, and in certain contexts, it can also be pushed. In Toggles a parameter in and out, or between two values; it lights when active. The behavior depends on the audio application, and not every parameter includes In switch functionality. Sel Toggles the knob function or a secondary parameter value. Figure 19 shows an EQ plug-in that demonstrates each type. This knob type has two white marks at each end that move symmetrically as Q changes.

This knob type has an outer ring that moves right or left from the top-center as the parameter boosts or cuts; its white mark shows the level of boost or cut. Knob types used in the Function Editor In Sel 1 2 3 4 2 1 You can prevent this automatic assignment by locking the Attention Track Knobs left, right, or both sides to their current parameters see Figure The Lock icon lights, and selecting new functions will not change these knob assignments.

The Lock icon dims, and selecting new functions will change these knob assignments. Since locking does not persist when a new track is attentioned, parameters from different tracks cannot be locked to the Attention Track Knobs. The right Attention Track Knobs are locked If both the left and right Attention Track Knobs are locked, touching blocks of parameters in the Function Editor will not activate the brackets used for knob reassignment.

Graphs can be automatically displayed when a parameter is adjusted. Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 29 Inserts Plug-in inserts can collapse into one Inserts function or expand to individual plug-ins in the Function Scroller. Fader The Fader function shows the fader position of the Attention Track, and provides the following indicators top to bottom : Record Lights or flashes red to indicate record enable or record status depends on audio application Input Lights green Solo Lights yellow Mute Lights orange Function Scroller with Inserts collapsed left and expanded right Fader function with record and mute enabled You can attention a track from the Track or Meter Scroller.

The Universe bar is the rectangular scroll indicator see Figure The top of each track provides the following indicators left to right : Record Tracks that are record enabled or are actively recording flash or light solid red in Pro Tools depends on audio application. Attention Tracks from Meter Scroller This option toggles whether or not a track can be attentioned from the Meter Scroller.

Swiping the Function Editor horizontally scrolls to other functions. Selected Function The Function Editor displays just the selected function. Auto Show Function Graph on Knob Touch When enabled, adjusting a function that has a graph display automatically displays the graph in the Home screen, temporarily re- placing the current view.

The graph display disappears after you let go of the knob. Home Screen Options with Local Options icon on the right Tracks screen 2 3 1 Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 34 Displaying Tracks If your audio application supports track types, you can choose which types to display in the Track Matrix. If your audio application also supports track colors, these are two powerful methods by which to differentiate and locate tracks. A selected Attention Track has an orange top half and blue lower half outline. Pro Tools indicators that flash red when record enabled, light solid red during recording.

Clear Touch Clear to clear any tracks that have been enabled for record or input, muted, or soloed. This control appears only when Record, Input, Solo, or Mute is selected. Track Scroller Record indications are controlled by each audio application. Note that attentioning a track from the Track Scroller in the Tracks screen keeps the display on the Tracks screen.

Selecting a selected track deselects it. Intercancel Each selected track replaces the previous selection. Selecting a selected track does not deselect it. In Intercancel mode, you can select multiple tracks by touching and holding a track while touching others. Intercancel Each soloed track replaces currently soloed track s. Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 37 Position This determines which track to display at the top-left of the Tracks screen. Attentioned Track Displays the attentioned track at the top-left of the Track Matrix.

Auto-Bank to Attentioned Track When selected, each track attentioned automatically banks the surface so the track appears on the right-most strip if the Automation Module is to the right of the Fader Module s. The track appears on strip 1 if the Automation Module is to the left of the Fader Module s. The display remains on the Tracks screen. Show Home Screen on Track Attention When selected, attentioning a track in the Tracks screen automatically displays that track in the Home screen.

When unselected, the Home screen is not automatically displayed when a track is attentioned in the Tracks screen. Blue sources are on, dimmed sources are off. Monitoring screen with Sources on and off Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 39 Settings Screen The Settings screen lets you connect workstations, configure your system, add or remove modules, create and edit Soft Keys, and set S6 operational preferences. Surface This page lets you configure your S6 surface arrangement. You will need to configure the surface only when you first set up or modify S6.

Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 40 Preferences This page lets you set global S6 surface, workstation, and transport preferences. Surface The Surface section contains Banking and Brightness parameters. Banking Two Mode buttons determine how the surface responds to banking commands.

Whole Surface The system banks by the number of fader strips in the current S6 arrangement. Auto-Bank to Selected Track When selected, selecting a track in the Tracks screen, or on-screen in the DAW automatically banks the surface so that track appears on the right-most strip if the Automation Module is to the right of the Fader Module s. Surface preferences Chapter 4: Master Module Screens 41 Brightness These settings manage the brightness of various S6 components, and can help save energy. Touchscreen Touch and drag the slider to set the desired brightness.

Console Timeout Touch and drag the slider to set the desired time for displays to sleep when the system is inactive. Open Plug-ins on Workstation When Editing Opens plug-in windows on the workstation when editing a plug-in on the surface.

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These features may not be implemented by all audio applications, so consult your documentation. Workstation preferences Solo modes are implemented differently by each audio application. The currently selected function is shown above, and Pan below. Touching or adjusting a knob changes the display to the value for that knob it switches back to parameter view as soon as you re- lease the control. Waveform Zoom You can adjust the zoom of waveforms shown on Display Modules from 1 second up to 60 seconds.

Waveform Zoom be adjusted during playback. Display Module layout options On the Master Module, the Display 1 switch zooms out by 10 seconds, and Display 2 zooms in 10 seconds. Hold the Master Mod- ule Shift switch while pressing Display 1 or Display 2 to zoom out or in 1 second, respectively. You can add, delete, rename and color Soft Keys. Full-color icons can be assigned to both the active and inactive states, and background colors and names can be changed. Once you begin editing or creating Soft Keys, the lower section of the Soft Key Editor changes to different views depending on the current task.

To exit the Soft Keys page at any time, press Home on the Master Module or select another Settings screen from the top of the touchscreen. Chapter 5: Soft Keys 45 Creating Soft Keys This section gives an example of how to create a new Soft Key bank, how to define navigation keys for the new bank, and gives an example of how to create a new Soft Key.

The selected set is outlined in yellow and its name is displayed below in the Bank commands section. New banks are added after the last existing Bank in that set. New banks are automatically numbered. To create a new bank be- tween existing banks, tap Insert; the new bank will be inserted after the currently selected bank. Module Selector Figure Tap Enter close the on-screen keyboard.

In this example, we will define keys to navigate to the previous and next page of banks. To add navigation keys to a bank: 1 In the three keys across the bottom of the bank, tap to select the left key as shown in Figure Naming a new Soft Key bank Figure Selecting a key for page navigation Chapter 5: Soft Keys 47 3 Tap the newly created Soft Key block to select it the block is highlighted in yellow. The command block you just added displays Page, and the Page commands appear.

If necessary, tap and choose a different set. If instead you choose Jump to Specified Page, the Available Pages list to the right illuminates; tap to select the desired page. Tap Enter to close the on-screen keyboard. Soft Key Editor after a command block has been added Figure Page commands Left and Right navigation keys defined for a Soft Key bank When selected, the key is highlighted in yellow. A Soft Key block appears in the center of the Editor section. It becomes highlighted in yellow. A selected Soft Key You do not have to create new Soft Keys in empty slots, you can also create them in secondary layers for existing Soft Keys.

Soft Key Editor with one block added For example, scroll to and then tap Window Menu, then scroll to and tap Big Counter. Some commands only have an inactive state. The Icon palette can be filtered to show All icons or Pro Tools icons, and can be scrolled up, down, left, and right. Selecting Big Counter Figure Soft Keys are saved automatically. About Modifier Locks New Soft Keys do not need to be created in new banks or empty Soft Keys, they can also be created in modifier-driven layers for existing Soft Keys. This lets you create new Soft Keys in the same position as an existing Soft Key but which only becomes available when holding down the associated modifier switch on the Fader Module.

To have an additional window display choice such as Track Arming available on that same Soft Key, and in the same Soft Key bank, tap Shift in the Modifier Locks section a check appears indicating it is locked on , then select and define the Soft Key to open and close the Track Arming window. For example, in default view our new bank shows our Big Counter Soft Key on key 1.

Holding down Shift on the Fader Module shows our Track Arming command on the same key, in the same bank. You can save custom colors by dragging the modified color box onto the palette. Active state example The following commands refer to the Shift Navigation Switch 5 in Figure 39 , not the Shift key on the Fader Module or computer keyboard. Selected tracks have an orange outline in the Track Scroller and Track Matrix. To select multiple discontiguous tracks: 1 Press Select on the desired track. Select tab on the Tracks screen Track Matrix Chapter 6: Common S6 Tasks 56 Record Enabling Tracks To record in an audio application, the track must be record enabled and the Transport must be armed for recording.

The indicators that flash red when record enabled light solid red during recording. You can record enable tracks using the Fader Module and the Master Module. To record enable contiguous tracks from the Fader Module: 1 Press Rec on the first track. If the track you pressed Rec on was not selected, it is still record enabled. To disable a record-enabled track using the Master Module: 1 Touch Record.

To disable all record-enabled tracks using the Master Module: 1 Touch Record. Record tab in the Tracks screen Track Matrix with tracks enabled for recording To attention a track from the Tracks screen on the Master Module: 1 Navigate to the Tracks screen by touching Tracks at the bottom of the Home screen.

Attention key on Fader Module strip Attention tab in the Tracks screen Track Matrix If the track is also selected, it has a two-color outline: orange upper half and blue lower half. F M Solo Mute 12 While writing in Latch mode, press F to Auto Match out. This table provides the automation modes for any S6 knob or switch with automation LEDs. The green LED flashes in Preview mode.

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