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View Full Version : mupen64 0. Yup, lamer0 finally found some time to release it, you can donwload it from mupen Hi there!

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I don't know why, but it seems there's an error in it, or in the sitx archive Am I the only one? I'll do some tests and give you some feedback. Thanks a lot for this port, cause it seems that between Mac and N64 emulation, it's not a real love story So, I'm sorry to say that, but the app crashes with every rom I have and some of them worked with the previous version Some games seem to start - we see the opening logo - and whoop, Mupen64 crashes What's happening?

Did I miss something?

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Which games start to work and when do they crash? Without more information and knowing nothing about the mac port, i'd say it's possible the emulator can't access the save folder. I'll let lamer0 investigate the problem further.

How to get Nintendo 64 Games FREE on your Mac!

Donkey Kong very well too. The most advanced SNES emulator in my eyes. And if it ever gets 3D graphics emulation, it would even play with VGS. Zsnes for Snessies and Project 64 for 64sies. I recently bought a logitech gamepad just to be able to play them old gems the way they were ment to, hands on. I thought that threads with illegal things in them were allways locked. Hopefully this will change soon though. If it is really against this forums law, it is fine with me, if the thread gets locked, but I personally own each of the devices, I emulate with all the games, I play.

Having a TV set in germany automatically means paying a fee of around 16 bucks, if you are watching TV or not, so no way for me. As I said, it is not against law to use one. All the ROMs I have are legal under various fair use provisions. Now, with emulators I can play them again. Finding them in playable condition is hard to impossible, finding working consoles is harder still.


Dolphin: the Gamecube & Wii Emulator for Mac

And look at the prices on games! I mean, musicians work their whole lives on their art, and CDs are usually less than 30 dollars.

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There is nothing better than playing the original Street Fighter 2, just the way it was in the arcades. There were also street fighter games for the SNES, but they always looked so watered down compared to the arcade version. Playing it on MAME, is exactly like playing in the arcades. The best SNES emulator hands down. Has support for a variety of graphics settings, pad support, save state function and even a virtual GameGenie cheat system implementation.

Want to turn my PowerPC machines into Arcades! Help.

I recommend it to anyone interested in playing some Zelda or Majoras Mask. Win 98 on Virtual PC for those odd useful Windows programs. I used to use Virtual Game Station. That was made by the same people as Virtual PC.

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Those guys knew their stuff. Now if Connectix can emulate a PS1 so perfectly on hardware as old as that then why can people still not emulate it or other hardware just as easily? PS2 emulation should be possible on 1. PS2 is some kind of more complicated, since it has some really special hardware build in.

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The bit architecture makes it really difficult to emulate even with a 64bit maschine. However, there is a project, that has mostly reached a breakthru. Today, they released a new version of their emu, that may run at least some games with 15 to 80fps on a 3GHz CPU.

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