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We recommend that customers migrate to V5 PBL over the course of the next year. WinMagic has done extensive work to improve, streamline and augment the security surrounding the initial deployment of Key Files during the process of installing the SecureDoc Client software, bearing in mind that many customers have widely divergent requirements relating to how devices are used during and after initial installation.

Some customers install SecureDoc while the primary device user is on or will be on the machine, while others may need to protect new devices before the end-users of those devices have been defined, as well as other scenarios. Please refer to the When SecureDoc server is upgraded to version 7. Upon upgrading from an earlier version, you will need to adjust each of your existing Installation Packages to reflect the deployment methodology that will meet your security design.

More information can be found here: msdn. Note : Use of the SES Console will require the user to have at least local admin rights on the server or client device e. Admin desktop on which it runs, in order for the console to function properly. SecureDoc PreBoot is now supported on FileVault2 devices to support PreBoot network authentication as well as smartcard authentication.

ANSI X3. It is now possible to define, in the installation package, where a device should be stored in SES. This avoids user confusion. A new more focused error message will appear in the case that the smart card is removed. This message will read: No Smart Card or Token detected. Please insert a Smart Card or Token and re-try. This was deemed necessary for selected devices where the existing PBL bit is not functional.

Note that this option should only be used on a very narrow range of devices for which bit Pre-Boot does not work, and should NOT be considered a generic solution that will work on all bit processors. In all other cases the bit Pre-Boot is the most suitable and recommended Pre-Boot environment. When automatic encryption is selected, Mac users will no longer be able to cancel RME removable media encryption. The ability to cancel RME when automatic encryption with countdown is selected has been removed as it was seen as inappropriate in the context of mandated encryption.

A new profile setting has been added to define the option of forcing direct boot to Windows — this applies to UEFI devices.

SafeNet MobilePASS & MobilePASS+ – Data Protection Support

Instead of requiring the user to choose the appropriate installation package, the installer itself now chooses the appropriate package, making installation easier. Information shown includes the typical client information deployed state, OS version, encryption type, etc. In previous versions of SecureDoc for FileVault2, the special account s used to protect against disabling FileVault2 and for recovery would be removed or disabled during an upgrade of the OS X operating system. In order to guarantee successful installation through the InstallMe script the underlying PKG files are no longer visible, and therefore cannot be installed directly e.

Please note: For upgrading SecureDoc-encrypted devices to Windows 10 Redstone please follow a procedure documented in our KB article Previously, only upper case letters were supported. This new version opens this up to permit passwords to contain any characters that OS X can recognize. Profile setting added for forcing direct boot to Windows. The devices are not attempting to obtain an IP address. Issue: The command appears to work, but does not.

This issue has been reported on a Windows 8 machine in a SES 7. Issue: The message "No smart card detected in card reader. This issue has been resolved. Issue: This issue was reported in SES 7. The integrated card reader could not be read and an error message appeared. Issue: This issue affected Web Console usage, with occasional "Error " errors, long waits to log in, and slow navigation and even timeout when navigating around the console interface.

It was reported in SES 7. Issue: This has been reported on a Dell e, which cannot proceed with checking the local keyfile. Issue: Error code 0x or 0x No private key in token appeared when using this combination of smart cards on a Windows 7 machine. It was reported for SES 6. Authenticating with PBConnex produced error code 0x Attempting to log in from the smart card produced the error code "No private key in token 0x ".

It was reported for SES 7. Issue: Encrypted devices continue to be shown with an encryption status of unknown white in the SES console. SDRecovery did not recognize an Activated eDrive as having SW encryption: since the drive appears to not be locked, it could not be unlocked. This has been resolved. The issue has been resolved.

Ludovic Rousseau's blog:

Consistent network connectivity at pre-boot is maintained. Issue: When SDRecovery. This was reported in an SES 7. Issue: This issue was reported in a SES 7. Installation and encryption now occurs as expected. Issue: After deploying an SES 7.

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Issue: A computer in sleep mode would not wake up after 10 - 15 minutes and had to be powered back up again, losing any unsaved work. The issue has been resolved: computers with this issue can now be successfully woken up from sleep mode.

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Issue: This issue had been reported in an SES 7. Issue: The 7. After some debugging the cause of the problem was identified. When the CCID driver is stopped because a reader is removed or pcscd is exited the driver tries to cancel all the unfinished USB transfers. When the reader provides an interrupt end point to notify card events the CCID driver initiates a USB transfer reading from this end point with a long timeout 10 minutes.

I would like to thank Hans Petter for his availability.

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  8. That is great to have problems fixed in just a few days. Labels: ccid , code. This behaviour can be very confusing for an application. No other application can reset the card during a transaction. Marked as duplicate of Labels: code , Mac OS X. High Sierra: macOS Some of the bugs have been reported a few years ago but are still present in High Sierra.

    The previous bug has been reported to Apple as bug report and is still not closed or fixed or discussed. Sample code! System import readers from smartcard. Then press Enter Traceback most recent call last : File ". CardConnectionException: Failed to transmit with protocol T0. Card was reset. Card was removed. Why is it important A card reset error can happen while the card is still in the reader. One application may reset the card after using it. The same card or a different card may now be present in the reader.

    The application must assume that a different card has been inserted and that any cached information or application internal state should be refreshed by reading the newly inserted card. Known workaround None known. This number of events is incremented for each card insertion or removal in the specified reader. But nothing moved since then. Wednesday, September 19, New version of libccid: 1. I just released a version 1.

    Gemalto s SafeNet Authentication Client

    This new mechanism is used to replace the tokend mechanism that was deprecated since OS X Lion v Refer to Apple documentation for that and in particular the PIVtoken source code. Fetch OpenSCToken The application does nothing and you can quit it now. Comparison with OpenSC. Check installation To check if the plugin is installed you can use the pluginkit command line tool.

    OpenSCToken 1. OpenSCToken Card content There is different ways to display the content of the card. Wednesday, June 20, PySCard 1. I just released a new official version 1. The PySCard project is available at: sourceforge pypi github Changes 1. That fixes build using Python 3. Labels: code , Python.

    Article from the series " ATR statistics ". The high nibble encodes BWI. The low nibble encodes CWI. Labels: ATR.

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