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Scratch some of the above. The error box just popped up. Could it be the cable I am using? Nothing is connected except the HDD's cable which is not attached to anything at the other end. IMac purchased new direct from Apple 18 Feb B00 SMC Version system : 1. Okay - does your External Enclosure have a power jack round the back also?

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Something like the rear view of this Enclosure, as circled here in red: If so, it would still be a power problem and it would require a power cord, where one end looked like this: and the other end just looked like your average three pin power plug to be plugged straight into the wall or a power board, like any electrical device. Sound about right? In other words Your most powerful USB 2. Your iMac most certainly recognizes that something is plugged into one of its high powered USB 2.

It knows something's there, but it doesn't know what, as a USB Port simply doesn't have enough power to charge up your External Drive.

Fix USB device Over Current Status Detected, System will shut down in 15 seconds

Peripherals such as USB Flash Drives only need 5 volts of electricity to power up and mount on your Desktop, because they're tiny devices which contain no moving parts, yet half a Terabyte of Hard Drive containing metal platters which revolve at 5, revolutions per minute, is a large machine which needs full power, just as connecting a Printer to a USB 2. It needs to be plugged into its very own power source. Make sense?

How to Enable an iMac USB | Your Business

Sorry I haven't included this information, but it is and always has been connected to a powerboard by it's power cable. Do you still have a Windows PC to test it on? To see if it still sees it? Originally Posted by theozchick. The Usual Suspect. I will try another USB cable and if that does not work, I will email the order number to support.

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  • Ramona had a bad unit that needed replaced. Thanks Ramona, for your patience! Discontinued Products. Hi Geva, Thanks for writing with this problem. Let us know, Bernie.

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    Bernie, Thanks for the speedy reply. Thanks for your help, Geva. Hi Ramona, Thanks for reporting this. USB can be connected in 2 ways: self powered through the USB connection , or externally powered through an external power connector usually a wall wart of some kind. You probably exceeded the total current available through your hub. This can usually be avoided by using the external power adapter connected to the hub some hubs are not sold with power adapters, USB bus power or self-powered often is just fine.

    USB Over Current Notice on Macbook

    If you already have your hub externally powered, you may need to go to a newer design hub, such as those advertised to support USB 2. Also, 7-port USB hubs can supply more power to the ports, and may give you more 'room' for other devices. USB standards allow for up to ! Just imagine the lineup of wall warts for that! A USB powered hub will usually eliminate this problem.

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    Hmm, The hub is powered. Unless it came unplugged. How much power does a keyboard use? I've got two.

    USB Over Current Notice

    I just added one so my wife can type in Thai. I didn't want to put those stickers on my nice apple keyboard. If you go to Apple Sytem Profiler, click on the Devices and Volumes tab, and click around to the various USB items, you'll what the individual devices say for current draw. Apple says each bus can have up to ma power through each USB port without a powered hub.

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    • Is your hub attached to the keyboard port, or directly to the USB port on the system. Is your 2nd keyboard plugged into the 1st keyboard? Double check your external power for the hub, sometimes a power supply dies or accidentally dis-connected , and on USB you may not notice until too much power is drawn. If you unplug and replug the hub's power supply, most hubs lights will change as a result, that will tell you the power supply is working. Or, you may just simply have a poor quality USB hub.

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