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It was a very appealing blend of luxury with expertly chosen Mexican touches that added charm and warmth. Other reviews have praised the architectural character, convenient location, rooftop deck, beach club and appealing charm of the place. All that was validated during our stay. But, what was particularly rewarding for me and my wife was the personal hospitality of the staff. Historic boutique hotel in downtown Todos Santos. Explore Rooms.

Arrival Date. Children 1 2. Unique Mexican experience. Wholesome experience Explore the Guaycura Route. Charming boutique hotel in a historic building. Fine dining experience with spectacular sunsets. The best view in town, a short walk from the main plaza. What Others Say. Kristen, Colorado. Louise, Ontario. You stepped down this street to feel the sun, the wind and hear the waves flapping.

Hàn Mạc Tử - Lệ Quyên [Official]

Unlike the hot weather, when we come to Eo Gio, this place will make your soul more comfortable. Far off the coast are small islands: Hon Mun, Hon Co, Hon Can … floating on the sea surface, with strange shapes, causing people to think that the giant buffalo are drowning themselves above the water. Additionally, there is a well, water from which is clear and sweet.

Many travelers visiting Eo Gio have come here to play and bathe at this well. If you do not like the noisy city and need to find a quiet place to be in harmony with nature, then, Eo Gio is the most suitable destination for visitors to consider. If you are intending to explore the coastal city of Quy Nhon, you should certainly not ignore Quy Hoa. Quy Hoa is about 3km from Quy Nhon city, when going along Quy Nhon — Song Cau road on the beautiful coast, visitors can zoom to the white sand beaches, sparkling in the sun and rough cliffs.

Quy Hoa beach is a romantic painting that nature has given with attractive stretching beaches, tourists can enjoy the fun with water waves or just take about 30 minutes to motorboat offshore islands to enjoy the quiet and peaceful space. From National Route 1D Quy Nhon — Song Cau road , going down the gentle slopes with less than 3 km journey, you may feel like setting foot in another world.

You can travel by taxi, or by motorbike. Quy Hoa is quiet, gentle and discreet as a small corner of Quy Nhon city. As the name suggests, this place has a fresh and calm climate with small waves, clear blue water and the sound of the wind and birds singing, all has created a tranquil space. You should come to Quy Hoa from February to August annually, because the weather is quite stable, which is suitable for traveling, while in the rest of the year, there are often storms and floods.

Quy Hoa has an area of about 60 ha, located in a valley with three mountains and green trees covered, facing the coast Quy Nhon calm waves. At first we will feel Quy Hoa is a peaceful valley and gradually we will experience the peace and poetry of this land. Quy Hoa in early morning is beautiful like a fairy girl, as if she just lost to this land of people! But, do not rush into the blue water! You can find a place to admire the beauty of the sea or follow the steps to the high station waiting for the sun.

Coming to Quy Hoa to immerse yourself in the blue sea, white clouds, watching the simple life which is full of energy of the local people is awakening to make your life more meaningful. Some fun activities tourists may take part in when traveling to Quy Hoa are: going to the beach early in the morning to be able to experience fishing with local people, visiting the statue garden of physician with 40 busts of the famous people, visiting the first resting place of poet -Han Mac Tu, enjoying the cool sea breezes, taking a boat to the offshore islands,… You can also take a leisurely walk along the beach, on soft sandy stripes and picking up the scallops for yourself.

Wandering the footsteps along the coast from the bright dream, visitors may feel like we can release our emotions, to look for a memory area. Going through the smooth white sand beach are rocky cliffs and spectacular scenic spots, contributing for the allurement of Quy Hoa beach. At Quy Hoa, you will feel a fresh air, which is hard to find in anywhere.

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This place is romantic as a colorful painting that nature has given to people, bearing the harmony of the mountains and the sea, which brings the proximity between people and nature. Today, Quy Hoa is the destination for those who want to seek relaxation and the peace of mind. In the afternoon, the children innocently playing with the sea waves, there is a wife taking her son to the sea to wait for her husband,… You will find the life around us is really delightful and happiness comes from the simple things.

This is also a relatively new tourist destination with many visitors. The suitable time to visit Hon Kho is from March to September. At Hon Kho, there are no green trees, no attractive coconut palms, however, it has a strange charm. The whole area is a rocky beach with smooth sand beach with brilliant coral reefs, Hon Kho is considered as a beautiful landscape of nature. Coming to Hon Kho, tourists should not forget to enjoy amazing activities, such as diving and seeing coral, going fishing, renting boats to explore the island.

After enjoying the beautiful seafront with colorful coral reefs, visitors can take a scenic walk around the island. Walking under the smooth white sand, watching the vast ocean air, harmony in the sea breeze will bring you the feeling of relaxation. The beach around this island is very rocky, but this is one of the most pristine beaches.

If you can not dive, you can go camping along the sea and play on the fine golden sand. Coming to Hon Kho, tourists also see thousands of different sea creatures. Hon Kho is a place to store rare animals, visitors will have opportunities to watch special types of turtles. It is really wonderful to try the experience going across the sea, the sandy smooth road with small waves under the barefoot, this pleasure will bring you unforgettable feelings.

However, the sea road under Hon Kho is not always available, you have to wait until the tide is low, then you can go from land easily and safely. Furthermore, you can enjoy various types of fresh seafood at restaurants on Hon Kho such as: shrimp, crab, fish, squid, snail …. Most of the seafood in Hon Kho is caught and processed directly according to the request of tourists. If tourists continue to walk around the island, we will be completely conquered by the charming elegance and the unique nature of this place.

Chó Mạc Tư Khoa

Besides, large and smooth stone slabs standing in front of visitors are parts of the island of Hon Kho. The road ahead is difficult because the mountains stacked on top of each other. The scenery is wild, but the beauty of the sea will motivate many adventurous travelers to climb to the top of the mountain. After visiting the coral reefs, going fishing and camping on the sea, it will be great to explore the architecture of the ancient Cham built a long time ago. Although it is a relatively new tourist destination, Hon Kho is increasingly attracting tourists to visit, especially in the summer.

Hon Kho with beautiful and wild nature always satisfy the traveler whenever they have the opportunity to come. Beaches near Ho Chi Minh city. Let us inspire you and design a suitable plan. Please fill out this form and share with us your information. Our team with full of actual experiences and dedication, we are always here to assist you! We shall respond to you within hours. Email address: sales asiajourneytravel. Listing the timeless beauty of Vietnam in the eyes of Foreigners Referring to Overview of Vietnam, no one cannot ignore its elegant, charming, and harmonizing beauty of Vietnamese landscapes and friendly people as well.

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Asia Open Tours. Forgot password? Remember me. LOG IN. You definitely have to enjoy the rustic dishes with exclusive flavor in Ky Co such as: snails, abalone, crab, squid, … 3 Eo Gio Beach Eo Gio is situated in Nhon Ly commune, about 20 km northeast of Quy Nhon city. No Comments. Previous Post. Next Post.

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bai ca co han mac tu Bai ca co han mac tu
bai ca co han mac tu Bai ca co han mac tu
bai ca co han mac tu Bai ca co han mac tu
bai ca co han mac tu Bai ca co han mac tu
bai ca co han mac tu Bai ca co han mac tu

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