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Fall asleep to some tunes, a DVD or a Quicktime movie. Aurora fades out the volume and display brightness and puts your Mac to sleep automatically.

How to set an alarm clock on Mac?

Use your existing iTunes playlists to easily choose the music you want to listen to when waking up or falling asleep. Create a reminder with Siri on your iDevice and Aurora will automatically create an alarm from it. Aurora is an application to wake you and your Mac. Wake up every morning to the sound of your favorite iTunes playlist instead of that annoying alarm clock.

When the night comes, no more need to count sheep. Aurora helps you fall asleep to the sound of your favorite tunes or a movie.

Best Alarm Clock App - Paid and Free Alarms for Android, iPhone | Tom's Guide

The best way to find out if Aurora suits your needs is to download the latest version and try the demonstration mode. Also, make sure you read the following to learn about all the amazing features. Set up as many weekly or daily alarms as you need, select a playlist for each one and you're good to go. Snooze alarm playback and get a few more precious minutes of rest before the alarm goes off again.

Aurora's dock icon shows you the next alarm time, even when Aurora is not running, so you can tell when your alarm will go off in a glance. Your Mac is not within reach of your bed? No problem! Control alarm playback, volume and snooze using your Apple Remote.

Turn your Mac into a Spotify alarm clock

Wake up to the morning's news thanks to Aurora's EyeTV support. Have your alarms set up? April 16, Koingo Software.

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    Alarm Clock Pro

    Help us by reporting it. Not to mention that you'll never wake up with a headache from that wretched ringing. Features: Set recurring and static alarms. Define an alarm clock style sleep pattern for your snooze button! Calculate time between two dates. Play a web radio station as an alarm. Determine the time in another Time Zone.


    Prioritize and organize your task list. Built-in stop watch. Bultt-in kitchen timer. Open a file or program. Run a system shell command. Play an iTunes playlist. Wake your Mac from sleep. Sleep, Restart, Shutdown or Logout.

    Best Alarms & Clock Software

    Automatically send out e-mails. Connect and disconnect your modem.

    Bug Fix: Fixed corrupt application icons file.

    radio alarm clock app for mac Radio alarm clock app for mac
    radio alarm clock app for mac Radio alarm clock app for mac
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