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Previous Next Sort by votes. Feb 16, 5 0 18, 0. A salvage shop combined with aging personal inventory yields the opportunity, I hope, to build a fairly capable and flexible desktop work station with PLEX home network media server system within a minimalist budget.

It may not be the latest-greatest architecture, but neither am I. Getting there needs to be an evolving staged development over months , as time becomes available while maintaining everyday usability. SSD1 contains W7 OS partition C: with some programs, partition D: with most of programs; this dinged-up configuration is muddled and corrupted over the years, but contains several hundred programs, many I will install fresh on W My question is how to make all these OS's on separate SSD's boot correctly while maintaining a common identification among the various logical drives.

I tried EasyBCD, but haven't got it quite working, yet. My reading suggests that a boot manager like rEFInd might be my easiest option, but I'm looking here for experienced counsel for best software and configuration process to make this all purr smoothly.

What is a “Hackintosh”?

They were each initially installed solo, with no other drives attached. One problem I remember is that both of these independent installs see their OS on logical drive C: Do I just change the labels within the two configurations to avoid conflict? Or is there a way to change W10's registry, et.

While I have backups of both drives, I'd like to avoid any reinstalls of W7 or W W7 over the years is so jury-rigged, I'm lucky it still works, and I need it to remain dependable until I'm totally transitioned to W My W10 was installed from the MS upgrade program which has now expired , so it doesn't have a stand-alone DVD--or is there a way around this? I'm thinking it's wise to get W7 and W10 to coexist first, before proceeding to Sierra and Mint. Can I use the same multi-boot manager for just those two as I will for the four? Can each additional OS simply be added to its configuration, one-at-a-time, or does the boot manager need to be uninstalled and reinstalled each time?

Does the boot manager software get installed on only one drive or in each OS? What other advice is important for this project? I've built numerous single OS Windows machines over the years, but this is certainly a new level of challenge. I've studied tons of web articles and forums on multi-booting with these OS's, including tonymacx86, but couldn't answer these particular questions.

Your considerate guidance is appreciated. Nov 21, 4, 89 30, Tonymacx86 has guides for this in their forums. You'll get better help there. There are many more users experienced with this. As I understand it. The forum rules also limit how much help can be provided here for hackintoshes.

Beyond generalities.


How to Dual Boot Windows and Hackintosh With Clover

Setting the mac drive as the boot drive in the BIOS and using Clover as the bootloader is the way to go. Some extra work is required to get Linux recognized. Other bootloaders don't play nice with OS X. Clover is based on rEFind. Way back when I was interested in fiddling with Mac on PC. I used Chameleon, it was reliable.

Clover has replaced Chameleon. Windows on everything else. Every once in a while I try various Linux distributions.

[Hackintosh] Dual-Boot High Sierra & Windows - when Windows already installed - no data waste - UEFI

Each time I remember how much I dislike Linux. Although Elementary OS looks promising. I've always owned Macs.

Dual Boot macOS Sierra and Windows 10

It was just interesting to learn how to do. Thanks, velocityg4. Will try to delve in more tonymacx86, but its emphases and bias seemed to be almost all hackintosh, while providing less than satisfactory detail about Windows and Linux. I had been trying to get W7 and W10 to coexist smoothly before installing hackintosh. Do you recommend trying to add high sierra with its MultiBeast bootloader right away, hoping that resolves the multi-boot configuration? Can I add Linux later? I'm transitioning my 3 other home network machines to Linux because its a totally free avenue to PLEX client and browsing, pretty much their only tasks might also add KODI.

Would run Linux on my primary machine only for convenience when developing changes for my other machines. I like how PLEX does all its transcoding on my powerful server, so client machines require less resources.

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Hackintosh is something I've dreamed about because its historical reputation suggested Mac was generally more simplistically elegant, and more facile in its treatment of video media but some recent critical reviews of editing software propose that recent W10 versions equal or beat Mac. I've also been wondering about running virtualization e. Maybe run both Mac and Linux via virtualization on W10 instead?

Advantage: no stoppage of access for my PLEX system. Q2: does my hardware have enough horsepower to run virtualization without impairing PLEX performance? The problem is, my Mac is not fast enough for my liking, and i refuse to spend money on it I needed it for school, nothing more. I am hoping to move my school work to my main machine, without losing my PC's primary function as a gaming machine. I want to be able to at least use two monitors in OSX. I also do not want to lose the overclock on my CPU, at least in the windows side.

Also, access to the storage drives from OSX is not required. If you need any more information please ask, and thanks a bunch in advance for any and all help. View bazpaul's answer.

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  6. Oct 24, 0 10, 5. Yes I would reccomend installing OSX on your second drive. Nearly everything about a hackintosh comes down to your motherboard. If you google your motherboard and the word 'hackintosh' you can probably find some resources. You'll need a bootloader installed on the OSX drive. Then you need to set that drive to boot first in your BIOS.

    dual boot | tonymacxcom

    It will pull this from the drives on your comp. You can chnage which OS boots automtically. You wont lose your overclock as that should be configured from the BIOS. You shouldnt see any difference in Windows if you work solely on the OSX drive installing Mavericks and such. If you are nervouse about anything like i was disconnect your windows drive while doing all the other work on the OSX work.

    When everything is working fine - connect your windows drive and you'll be laughing! Ask me anything you want as i have a similar setup. Post thread. Power Supplies. Started by synath Today at PM Replies: Windows Latest posts M. Graphics Cards. Moderators online. Top Bottom.

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