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Moreover, external hard drives are easy reliable, have high storage capacity, easy to use i. Hence people think that external hard drives are a good way to share photos, videos, and documents with friends, colleagues or family. However sometimes, it is also possible that users encounter lot of problems while using their external hard drive and lose valuable pictures stored on them.

You are lucky enough, if you have the backup of your lost photos. However, what if you lose pictures from backup drive itself? You can restore them by using reliable photo recovery tool as long as photo files are not overwritten by new data files. Therefore, for successful recovery, it is suggested to immediately stop using external hard drive to store new data. For successful hard drive recovery on your Mac, it has to be able to spin up and respond. However, as long as the hard drive can be mounted onto Mac OS X, even with physical damage on the drive, Disk Drill can help!

Depending on the seriousness of the disaster, you might be able to see some files and folders on your hard drive, or the disk may become not partitioned, formatted, corrupted, etc.

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Below is an overview of the steps you can take with our hard drive recovery software for Mac. Note that there are special steps you should take if you are trying to recover files from your Mac's internal hard drive. Also, disk physical damage may substantially lower the success rate of the hard drive recovery.

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  • On the first launch you will need to install the new driver, which is required for correct hard drive recovery on Mac OS X. Enter your administrator password.

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    • After that you are ready to go! As mentioned before, physical damage to your storage device is no help with software-based data recovery.

      #1 Download and Install Disk Drill

      If the target disk got bad sectors, or electronic controller fails in some operations, it's not much that can be done by Disk Drill with data stored in affected disk areas. The unique aspect of the byte-to-byte backups is the fact they actually store the contents of data sectors that were marked as empty, not occupied by data. Yes, you get it right, the sectors where your lost data can still reside. Once the backup disk image is created, you may start your hard drive recovery from the image instead of the real hardware. This will ensure the final failure will not occur while Deep Scanning, more data stays safe and potentially recoverable.

      #2 Verify disk condition

      If you are planning to do hard drive recovery from your system Mac drive, the one you are booted from, chances are more recoverable data gets lost completely by overwriting with various system activities being run in the background when you boot, launch apps, etc. If you cannot connect the hard drive with lost data to another computer and run the recovery there, we recommend creating a bootable data recovery drive and running Disk Drill off it.

      The "Create boot drive" wizard will guide you through the process. It takes a few minutes to maximize your data recovery chances.

      Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

      If creating a bootable Mac USB drive is not an option, proceed in a regular way. If you are recovering data from an external hard drive, connect it now. The required drive should show up in Disk Drill's list of available volumes. Click on the name of the hard drive to view individual partitions.

      Disk Drill offers unique data protection features that let you keep your data secure and not worry anything can be lost: Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery. Recovery Vault creates a "map" for Disk Drill to help it find lost files, while Guaranteed Recovery creates an invisible copy of all files sent to Trash.

      How To Recover Files From External Hard Drive on Mac

      If the recovery is necessary Disk Drill will look for such files in the first place. The ones available to you will be determined by the file system of the hard drive and whether it is formatted at all or not. You can choose to scan the entire drive or just one partition.

      Top 1: Restore from Trash Bin

      If you choose the whole drive, Disk Drill will use Deep Scan to analyze the whole disk as one entity with a raw file system, meaning it'll analyze every bit of it in a binary mode. However, this takes the longest, so if the partition that contained your deleted data is available, you may want to select that first. If you are just learning how to recover from a Mac hard drive, the simplest way to start the recovery process is to click the "Recover" button next to the volume you want to scan.

      It will automatically go through all available scanning methods one by one. How to recover deleted files on Mac. If you had Disk Drill installed before you lost data, and you had Guaranteed Recovery or Recovery Vault enabled, you may be able to use our most reliable recovery method: Undelete Protected Data. Depending on the scanning method you selected you will need to wait from 1 minute to may be several hours, if you are using Deep Scan to recover your hard drive.

      The scanning speed may also be slower if you need to recover files from external hard drive on Mac.

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