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What is a Digital Pen

For instance, who would have ever thought that technology would reach the heights it has of late; I mean, Smartpens? And little did he know that his idea of literature would one day evolve to modern-day 21st-century heights. History lessons aside. Through time, people have used feathers for writing, and recently modern pens and pencils. The latest member of this family is the Smartpen. There is some form of satisfaction, so to speak, that comes with writing notes down with a pen and a piece of paper. However, imagine a pen that can give you that feeling and keep your handwriting while keeping up with the Smartphone and tablets.

The Smartpen recreates the notes you take on a notepad in digital form. Moreover, if you are taking notes in a lecture or meeting, the Smartpen enables your phone to make audio recordings as well for later reference. You can share the notes online with friends, a faster way to share notes as opposed to scanning them or giving out your book. This means you can still use the old fashioned method and seamlessly fit in with the new world. Here are some of the best Smartpens on the market currently.

Imagine a pen that can convert your handwriting into texts on your mobile device and your computer. This pen can not only do that, but it also enables easy sharing and storage as well. This communication is enabled by a positional receiver that clips to the top of any standard-sized piece of paper. The pen and the receiver then create a digital page that recreates your writing in the form of a vector image. This technology allows you to write on any surface. Unlike some Smart Pens, with this pen, you do not need a particular piece of paper.

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However, to be able to scribble on any surface, you need to be a very careful writer. Bumping the sensor while writing distorts your inscription; also, you should hold the pen in a way that its tip does not get in the way of the positional receiver; otherwise, your writing will not be recorded on the digital page. The best thing about this pen for social media lovers is that it replaces your digital keyboard by enabling you to write directly in a message or email.

There have been versions of the Livescribe Smartpen before Livescribe 3 as you can obviously tell. However, none of them come close to the Livescribe 3. First and foremost, this pen is limited to some devices. If you own an iPad 3, iPad mini 2 with Retina, iOS 7, iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th generation or an iPad mini, you are among the few that can guess to experience this fantastic pen. The Livescribe 3 has a ballpoint nib on one ends that can write on any piece of paper just like any other pen when its Smartpen feature is switched off.

This pen uses Livescribe branded ink cartridges or analogous carbon-free ink ones that have the same size and specifications to digitalize your written notes. To use this pen, you will need dotted propriety paper manufactured by Livescribe, the company that makes the Smartpen. Like I said earlier, this pen has class attached to it in every way possible.

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Probably, one of those pens you get from your insurance company after years of being a loyal client. All jokes aside, though, the Livescribe 3 is famed to be the best Digital Smart Pen when it comes to accurate handwriting conversion. Although it came before the Livescribe 3, it still is an excellent Smartpen. Envisage a pen that has a microphone and a recording device, and it can duplicate your notes digitally as well as share them.

Jot down your notes the smart way

I would recommend this pen for thorough writing in particular and important meetings. It is one of those pens that will not let you down when it comes to recreating the moment when you were at that meeting. Who needs lasers when you can use coded paper, which uses internet markup language to keep track of where written content is located exactly on a page? The best thing about using this tablet is when it comes to transcribing the written notes or researching for specific points.

With this technology, all you have to do is tap a keyword on the tablet and the audio that was recorded at that time will play.

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However, you can always mute the microphone. The Inkling Digital Sketch Pen from Wacom is one of those pens that look like a significant electronic device after unwrapping it. Well, for a fact, it is; but the packaging alone will tell you that this Smartpen is among the best there is. While this may put off the writers, it uses regular paper so even if you do it for fun, it will be more fun having a digital sketch as opposed to one on paper.

For those who prefer large papers, this pen is not ideal for you as it requires a small-sized paper to give the best quality work. A large paper may lead to losing or weakening the Infrared signal, thereby providing you below second-rate work. After drawing, you use the USB cable to offload your sketches into a computer where you can save and bring them into Sketchbook Pro, Illustrator or Photoshop.

So guess what, if you are not an excellent sketch artist, you can use some technology to better your sketches. The only disappointing thing about this pen is that it has no wireless connection and handwriting recognition. However, it compensates for the former in its 2 GB storage and the letter in, well, being a sketch pen, not one that takes notes.

Now, this is one serious Smartpen to have. Who in their right minds would love a pen that can record over hours of audio and capture thousands of pages of notes? The only thing you should be ready for while using this pen is to learn how to write on a dot type of paper the paper that consists of numerous black dots unseen for a human eye but sensed by infrared rays.

At first sight, it seems that the Livescribe digital pen is a usual pen designed for making regular notes and digitizing them. However, there are a few things that surely differ it from the others. As for the first one - it can be used as a stylus too! Thanks to a special cap on a tip, it is possible to work with graphic designer applications on a smartphone or tablet screen.

Best Budget Drawing Pen Tablet For $40?

But what we like best about it is a voice recording option. What if you don't have paper at hand but urgently need to make a note? Write down your message by voicing it aloud. Despite the number of functions this pen supports, it doesn't run flat too quick. Thanks to the energy-saving Bluetooth Smart technology, the battery life can be extended by times. On buying this digital pen, you also get a sheet notebook for your everyday notes, from where further they can be sent to your smartphone.

This is handy for those customers who need to use the pen quite often. The pen is packed with a micro USB cable for users to be able to pair the pen with any other device equipped with a USB port and charge it on time. All in all, everything is well-thought to ensure convenience of use. However, if you do encounter any issue with the pen, make sure to look up into a user guide provided in a box. If you are going to use your digital pen every day, you can purchase a special case with a metal grip which will let you carry the device in an inner pocket of your jacket, for example.

As the camera is able to distinguish up to 70 shots per second, you can be sure that your images will be clear both in the internal memory of a pen and on your computer. Except for main functions usually performed by a digital pen, this model has some additional options which will please you a lot. A built-in microprocessor guarantees a smooth and quick operation of the pen. It's also possible to record notes and then listen to them from the built-in speaker. An option to connect headphones makes the use of this pen even more convenient. And if you want to have a break at work or just entertain yourself, you can download a special application that imitates piano keys and allows playing and listening to music through the speaker.

The manufacturer has also created several interfaces with different languages so that you could use the gadget in the most convenient way. All you need to do is create some tags linked to the important pages; this way the search will be easy and quick. You can perform all these operations on smart gadgets compatible with iOS and Android operating systems via a Bluetooth connection. Evernote application will become your personal assistant while working with Neo Smartpen N2.

This app is designed specifically for keeping notes made in the form of both handwritten and digital texts, a picture, or a voice record. Moreover, the notes may consist of several files. You can also sync this pen with Google Drive via the Neo Notes app and keep all your information in a cloud storage. In addition, the pen is smart enough to transcribe your texts into 15 languages. If you want to edit the text on your smart gadget, you need to download a special application from either Google Play , or AppStore.

This smart pen won the Design Award on the international forum among other gadgets from 53 countries all around the world. This award is an evident proof that this pen is easy and comfortable to use.

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The pen is sensitive to the pressure and there is enough ink to make plenty of notes. In comparison to its rivals, the N2 smart pen is thinner and more balanced. During 30 years, the company has done a lot of research and improved its products gradually to meet the requirements of modern society. The technologies developed by IRIS help manage electronic documents and information flow successfully.

5 Best Smart Pens - Best Digital Pens for Drawing, Note-Taking

You can use any paper type while writing. You also should keep the receiver in the same position while writing or else the data may be missed or miswritten. The manufacturer has taken care that you could easily reach your pen whenever you need it. Moreover, the pen together with all additional goods is kept in a case where each detail has its own place. It also helps you transport the device comfortably without a fear and risk to damage it. Pen scanner will become a wonderful addition, as it is able to recognize up to 1, characters per second and works with 55 languages.

A digital pen is a gadget, using which you can write texts, draw sketches, sometimes record voice messages, and keep all this information on output devices with an option to copy it to other gadgets such as smartphones or tablets. After data digitizing, it can be sent to your computer for further editing.

Some digital pens are designed to work in a wireless mode so that the written information could be exchanged in a real time. Even if a pen doesn't support a wireless connection, it still has a storage from where the data can be transformed between computers and gadgets. Some pens are compatible with tablets and smartphones while others can work with laptops and PCs. These are the key aspects of being aware of and find a pen to meet your daily needs. You can easily charge it with a Micro-USB at its tip.

It is a heavy and thick pen, but this only makes it easy to hold. The pen is competitively priced, and it writes in smooth and consistent lines. The pen is relatively heavy, and it requires expensive Livescribe notebooks. Again, the only color available is black. If you do a lot of drawing, the Wacom Bamboo is a great choice seeing that it allows you to use different papers that appear on its pad.

It is a comfortable pen offered with a twist-to-start mechanism. The pen does not need to be charged, but the pad that comes with it takes up to eight hours on the charge. The pad will charge and be up in less than a minute to be paired with your smartphone. It is easy to use this pad as all you have to do is touch on any part of the pad with your pen, and it starts making your work digital. After you are done, press the only button on the pad, and your work is synced and saved into your smartphone on the Wacom Inkspace App.

After saving, you can see your saved sketches and edit as necessary. The paper to be used with this pen must be aligned with the smartpad. The battery life of its pad is relatively short, and the unit cannot record audio. This pen feels easy on your hands, making it easier to draw and write with ease. However, the pen requires special notebooks and special writing pads too. It is a long pen with an elegant metallic body. This pen is loved for its ease of use — all you need is to press the button at the bottom of the pen to switch it on or off and to toggle the Bluetooth pairing settings.

Recent Smart Pen Additions

Besides the ease of use, the pen is easy to charge with a micro-USB at the top of the pen. You are able to get the pen up and running in 30 seconds, which makes it easy to pair with a smartphone or a tablet. It comes in handy for artists who are looking for a sleek, metallic smartpen that gives smooth and continuous lines. It also offers one-click emailing for prepared notes or drawings.

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Best smart pen for mac

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