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Next, type in a name for your new desktop app. If you want to throw in a custom icon for the app, you can add that too.

Now hit the Create button to set up the app. Using full screen mode for apps created with Fluid is also a premium feature. Download: Fluid Free, premium version available. Applicationize lets you turn web apps into Chrome apps. You can create a Chrome app at applicationize. There, enter the URL of a website or web app you want to add to your desktop and hit the Generate and Download Chrome Extension button.

The downloaded app appears as a CRX extension file. Before you generate the app, you can also configure a few settings for it with the Advanced Options link. For example, you can customize the app to receive notifications and open links within popups. On the Extensions page that opens up, turn on the Developer mode switch at the top-right.

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Then click on the Add app button when Chrome asks you if you want to install the extension. This website gives you a ready-made interface to generate desktop apps, with no installation required. Start by grabbing the URL of the website you want to turn into a Mac app and paste it into the field provided. Add a name for your new desktop app and a custom app icon if you want one. After you type in the email address where you want to receive the download link, hit the Create Now button. Once you download the app, you can move it to the Applications folder or add it to a separate folder.

If you want to see the results of Web2Desk before you convert a web app into a desktop app, try one of the sample apps featured on the website.

How to Create Shortcuts to Websites on a Desktop for a Mac

Of all the apps listed here, Web2Desk is the only one that generates a heavy app it takes up a few hundred megabytes of space. Jul 14, AM. Jul 14, PM in response to kailachanel In response to kailachanel. Jul 14, PM. Question: Q: without save target as, how do I download??

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Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. The keyboard shortcut for Save As… is so ingrained in my muscle memory I missed having that option.

As you mentioned Save As… is a handy way to keep different revisions easily accessible while working on a project. Now I have it back. That invokes save as…when adding the option key you are triggering the option like when flick file and hold option and duplicate changes to save as…. I gotta say I find it very annoying that Apple is restricting the OS more and more.

With every new release, you gotta waste more time on every machine you use to fix the defaults and get it back to a usable state…. Is there any way to have the startup chime on a later imac? I have turned on verbose logon so i can at least see that it is doing something when i want to go and do another task. Why do apple have to keep fiddling? You can bring up Save As by just holding down the Option key when you call up the File menu… Why go through all this effort to make a more complicated keyboard shortcut?

From my point of view a menu should contain everything that can be done relating to that menu entry and shortcuts should be ways to quickly access the various items under that menu entry.

MacBook For Dummies, 4th Edition

That way those who know and remember what the shortcuts do can use them. Anyone else can always find and use the various items via the menu. On my iMac with latest version of High Sierra That is the intention of the article. For any application, hold option when clicking file menu and Save As appears as an option. This has been true for several OS versions, since Apple made the idiotic decision to remove Save as from the file menu.

This is about returning the simple keystroke for Save As, not needing option modifiers. As you said yourself, Apple made a ill-conceived decision to remove that keystroke and turn it into a more complex one.

Save Space with Symbolic Links in Mac [Mix Talk]

So why is this over complicating to return the simpler functionality for a keystroke that is obviously popular, and desirable? I want simple, this is simple. It makes for an awkward workflow, IMO. This system is running Mojave.

If I am on a Mac, how do I get the URL of an image from a website? - Benchmark Email

But I cannot get it to change the shortcut and work. Mac Mojave. Thanks for any more suggestions you can offer. Glad to see this back.

save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac
save link as on mac Save link as on mac

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