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The National Library of Laos has an ongoing programme of manuscript preservation, research, and related work such as direct digitisation of texts. Click here to Contact Us if you would like to support this work. The Digital Library of Lao Manuscripts makes primary sources available for study and does not yet include translations of texts. The Bibliography contains references for translations of some Pali and vernacular texts. For an overview of the contents of the site, see the Site Map. If you have difficulties using or navigating the site, we welcome your comments and suggestions in order to make improvements.

Click here to send us your comments. Click the small triangle to the left of the main search option to reveal or to hide the selections. For each search option, more than one title, language etc. If more than one title and more than one language is selected, for example, then the search will be for Title 1 or Title 2 in Language 1 or Language 2. That is, selecting many titles or languages, etc. The Site Search available on all pages except the Search the Database page can be used to search for any data appearing in the DLLM Database in addition to the static web pages. On the Home page, the PLMP Code Number can be used to find individual texts using the full digit code or bundles using the first 11 digits of the code.

These are simplified lists to facilitate search and do not include orthographic variants or ancillary terms. It is possible to include more than one title in your search. A list of supplementary terms found in titles is provided as a search option. These are generally not included in the alphabetical Title Search list.

It is possible to include more than one term in your search. Click here for more information and resources for languages and scripts found in the Collection. It is possible to include more than one script in your search. Categories for Vinaya, Sutta, and Abhidhamma include related texts which are not to be found in the Theravada Canon. The category Jataka includes both canonical and non-canonical birth-stories.

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The vast majority of manuscripts in the DLLM collection are palm-leaf. It is possible to include more than one material in your search. Within each province, more detailed searches can be made at the District and at the Temple or Village levels, by clicking to expand the selection. It is possible to include more than one location in your search.

Click here to see statistics of the number of texts and digital images by location. Search of the database is possible by each of these three eras, before, between, or after selected years. Additional information from local calendars may be found on the PLMP Datasheet DS2 , which is normally the second digital image for a text. Details of months or days have not been added to the Inventory.

Each text surveyed and microfilmed in the Preservation of Lao Manuscripts Programme was given a unique digit PLMP code number, which appears in the naming convention used for the digital images in the DLLM collection. This number appears at the bottom of each digital image. A search option is provided in the Home page for all 13 digits for a unique text or the first 11 digits only for all the digitised texts within a particular manuscript bundle. View the brief inventory details and click on a title to see images of the text, or return to the Search page to modify the search criteria.

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Click on the thumbnail map to see your search results displayed on a map of Laos. Titles of directly digitised texts are displayed in blue.

Saysettha Lao » Lao Fonts » Foreign Language Fonts » TrueType » Free Font Download | Eagle Fonts

On the Text View page, a map showing the location of the text being viewed is provided under the Map tab. On the Search Results page, clicking on the thumbnail map will display results on a map of Laos. The texts are by location, with each red marker representing a temple or village. Larger markers indicate that a larger number of texts are found at that location.

Holding your cursor over a marker will show the name of the location and the number of texts. Please note that village coordinates are used in cases where the text is in private possession or the precise location of the temple is not yet available. Navigation and zoom tools are on the upper left hand side of the map. You may also zoom in by double-clicking on the map and navigate by left-clicking the map and holding to drag it within the viewer. Click on a red location marker to see the name of the location and its district and province, together with details of the texts found there, and then click on a selected title to display the text.

The Text View page displays images of the selected text. Navigation and zoom tools are found in the upper left hand corner of the image being viewed.

It is also possible to navigate within an image using the arrow keys on your keyboard. At the bottom of the image, enter a number to go to a particular frame in the digital images of the text, or to go to the first, previous, next or last images. Scrolling and then selecting a particular image will show that image in the main viewer. I tried to download another Lao font unicode from website that you have posted, but it didn't work with Mac OS X.

Is there anything I missed?

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Do you have any suggestion? Surely you can type Lao in TextEdit when the Lao keyboard is visible in the "flag" menu at the top right of the Finder, no? What app is giving you the problem? Are you sure the font is set for the Lao font? Could you please tell me where I put the icon file so that the Lao flag will replace the generic keyboard icon currently appearing next to "LaoSTEA" in the input menu? Thanks again Thanks very much, Tom.

Since you've been so helpful, I'm wondering if there's a shortcut key combination, or if I can create one, for the zero-width space.

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I can insert it using the Character Palette, but it's inconvenient. I wasn't able to find information about shortcut keys for special characters. Thank you again Let me know if it works for you. Hi, sabadii The advice for the Lao font worked for my Mac, but now I am wondering if it is possible to get the font to display on a iPhone. Does anyone have experience doing this? The iphone doesn't support Lao yet, and adding it would require a lot of hacking I think.

Best serch via Google for it. I've like to know the incorrect character come from which font? Thank you.

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  • Also I cannot tell what font you might have on your machine that has the wrong character. Thank you very much!! I have your keyboard on both of my computers now, and it works great! With the keyboard layout I used to use, there were lots of dead keys, which was a waste. By the way, I have Lao contacts in my iPhone and I can read them just fine. I didn't do any hacking, either. I'm afraid I don't know what I did right, but I thought people might be interested in knowing it's possible I just bought a Mac and my probleme is: how can I converse all my text in Saysettha Lao.

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    Your help will be much appreciated. Sorry, I don't know what you mean by "converse all my text". Are you convert from non-Unicode to unicode? Hi Tom The Lao text and keyboard is working fine when I use it on my Mac, however when I receive a word doc from a PC and open it, the text, according to my client changes.

    The text is copied into indesign and then sent as a pdf. Is there a specific font that behaves the same on windows and mac that we should be using? I have brochure and posters to produce which need English and Lao text displayed. Your help will be appreciated. Jonathan -- What are you opening the word doc with? I think that neither Word for Mac or InDesign for Mac support correct Lao, so the problem may be in the apps rather than a font. I don't use either of these so I can't help much.

    Have you any suggestion?

    Download Free Font Saysettha Lao

    Works fine for me, I don't know why it would not appear on your Input Sources list. Try setting up another user account and see if it appears when you are logged into that. Tom, I ran the standard "Repair Privileges Utility". The Check option showed a lot of issues which are repaired now by the Repair option. Also setting up another user didn't give the solution. Any more suggestions?

    Try putting the. This solved the problem. Thank you for your suggestions and patience. Regards, Jan.

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