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I had used the same AV for years. We relied on signature updates scheduled to occur overnight to keep pace with those released the day before. I always felt like our endpoint protection was a day behind. That changed with Cylance. The benefits of continuous threat prevention provided by data science driven AI. Scope of Threat Coverage. Learn More. Maintain Control of Fixed Function Devices Lockdown specified systems and restrict any changes to the devices after being locked down.

Perfect to ensure fixed-function devices remain in a pristine uncompromised state. Control Device Access Set parameters for what devices can connect to your environment — granting access can be as specific as designating serial numbers or as general as device category. Understand Your Attack Surface Using interactive dashboards with real-time statistics, users can easily increase their situational awareness and gain insight into their potential attack surface.

Malware Prevention. Memory Exploitation. Script Management. Once connected to the VPN, resources on the internal networks are fully accessible, almost as if the computer were physically connected. More specific information can be found in your router's data sheet or manual. If you do not yet own a router that is capable of providing VPN services, check out the list of popular devices on our interoperability website [LINK].

The latest algorithms and simplified certificate management protect important company information. Local TV stations can be found up to four times as fast as before through geo-matching. Additionally, you can store multiple TV channel lists eliminating the need for re-tuning.

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In car mode tizi automatically turns on as soon as the USB cable is plugged into a power source. Finding stations more quickly means more mobility Smart Location: tizi. With the help of your GPS-position, tizi first searches based on know stations in your local area. On average, tizi is able to find regional TV programs four-times more quickly.

To offer even more mobility, you can store multiple channel lists directly on your tizi that can be accessed by various devices: anyone who uses tizi on-the-go only needs to tune their stations once per location and can use them whenever they visit without the need to re-tune their tizi regardless if it is an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch being used. Numerous improvements tizi. A new sleep function will automatically turn tizi off at the end of the current TV show or after a specified amount of time.

Additionally you will find that the tizi. Price and availability The tizi. The new tizi. The installation will start simply over the tizi. There you will find a list of tizi resellers located near you. About equinux equinux designs and develops leading Mac-, iPad- and iPhone solutions for professional and private environments. All product and company names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved equinux - Technology for my life. Please don't hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions:.

Does your music library need a face lift? Get the SongGenie treatment with titles, artists and lyrics. SongGenie identifies unknown songs, completes missing information and helps you clean up your song info. You can even search the web for lyrics and apply them to your music. CoverScout fills the gray gaps that iTunes leaves behind! It detects missing album covers in your music library and searches the web for fitting cover art, all in an intuitive and sleek user interface. With the integrated cover editor, cover art can be quickly and easily modified. Create successful eBay auctions hassel-free.

Dive straight in with a simple choice of 5 designs and layouts. Edit your text, add a photo or two and watch the bids roll in. The latest version of our provisioning solution means the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can now be integrated into your business networks even easier and more securely than before. IT managers can set up and manage devices iOS4 based remotely over-the-air - soon to be featuring Mobile Device Management. Our specialized solution for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is optimized to use the technical capabilities of Apple mobile devices.

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Mobile Device Management allows various device information to be retrieved over the air, such as current operator, iOS version, installed apps, or the current security settings. Companies who change their security policies need only push the new settings over the air to all associated devices, without requiring user input. Should a mobile device be lost, your IT manager can lock the device remotely, reset the password and clear all data. User profiles can be configured to lock out apps such as iTunes or YouTube, as well as certain websites. Now there's yet another advantage to using a specialized iOS solution: TARMAC utilizes the technical capabilities of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch without the technical compromises associated with supporting devices from other manufacturers.

MDM functionality will be made available by the end of via a free update and will require iOS4. A demo is available here: www. Your business can now send great looking emails however your wish with the new Stationery Pack Business Edition. For each of our 12 designs we offer 17 different layouts for the most common business use cases. Whether special offer, invoice or contacting customers, you can choose the design and layout combination that suits your purpose. Choose from classic wood, leather or stone effect backgrounds, as well as clean, fresh and minimalist designs.

Each design contains the same layout options as the others, meaning you can switch between designs with ease. Each layout offers flexibility including photo placeholders, company logo, digital signature, contact info and legal disclaimer. Send emails to clients and business partners, colleagues and customers, styled however you like.

No matter what dimensions your photos and logo are in, Stationery Pack Business Edition has you covered. The built-in Image Perfect Tool converts your images to fit any drop zone in our email templates. We've also added pre-formatted headline and footer areas, as well as a predefined legal disclaimer for you to use.

Discounted volume licenses are also available. Stationery Pack Business Edition will soon be available as boxed version at selected Apple Retailers. Your users need only request their personalized user profile via the TARMAC interface and go through a simple step-by-step installation.

Distributing user profiles requires no additional apps. From today Mac users can create quick and simple eBay auctions in style. Above all, Mac users who only occasionally sell on eBay can use the low-priced software to get their auctions up and running without distraction. In under 3 minutes users can draw up an auction and submit it to eBay. As opposed to the regular iSale, iSale express offers first and foremost the features which make eBay sellers' lives easier.

With this low price iSale express soon pays for itself for casual eBay sellers, without losing the comfort of a sophisticated software solution. VPN Tracker 6 offers the new Secure Desktop, gathering your standard applications in a central location: check e-mails, open files from the server, use Remote Desktop or restart Windows applications using Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. The Secure Desktop automatically builds the necessary VPN connections, disconnecting safely once finished.

VPN Tracker has become the standard issue for Mac users looking for secure communication with remote networks. Registered VPN Tracker 6 users can upgrade to version 6. Those who wish to test VPN Tracker 6 can automatically import existing VPN connections without risk of effecting their existing installation. As one of the early modem manufacturers, ZyXEL has undergone many transformations in the fast-paced networking industry. The company has employees and distributors in 70 countries, reaching more than regional markets.

What does that mean exactly? Up until now, there was no dedicated solution for deploying user profiles for the just the iPhone and iPad in a simple, over-the-air way. TARMAC connects with existing directory services on a company's network and automatically creates personalized configuration profiles for iPhone and iPad users. With the TARMAC web interface, users with no technical knowledge can set up their work email, contacts and calendars as well as receiving personalized security settings based on their role in the company.

Once made available, you can check out the admin interface and download real user profiles to your iPhone. TARMAC Server operates within a company's network and using an existing directory service to automatically create personalized user profiles. To install a profile on their iPhone or iPad themselves, users simply log in to the TARMAC web interface via the company's intranet or over a secure internet connection and follow a few simple steps. After the sizzling success of Barbecue for the iPhone, Barbecue HD now offers the juiciest steaks, hot dogs and kebabs in incredible high resolution detail on the iPad.

With more space on the grill you can drag even more photo-realistic food onto the glowing iPad embers. Pick up and zoom into the items with your fingers using the iPad's multi-touch display. Rotate food around the grill and flip to avoid burning. Grill up a treat with even more serving suggestions, featuring new tablecloths, plates, cutlery and side dishes. Share the ultimate grilling experience with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by email. Mac users can now benefit from the safety and comfort of VPN Tracker 6 in partnership with WatchGuard security appliances.

The related configuration instructions for the devices are already available at vpntracker. VPN Tracker 6 brings the workflow of the mobile user to the foreground. The starting point is the "Secure Desktop". Here users' documents, website addresses, applications and scripts can all be easily organized giving VPN users the direct access they need most. Every item in the Secure Desktop can be completely configured and linked to any one of the users' VPN connections.

Administrators and consultants can easily create multiple Secure Desktops which can also be pre-configured and exported to specific users. Hot on the heels of the new SongGenie 2, album artwork finder CoverScout 3. CoverScout users can jump straight to the track in SongGenie 2 and get the correct music information, making applying album artwork simpler than ever before. The two apps featuring our own 'Dark Flow' user interface, make tidying up your music collection a fun and painless process. Sending birthday cards has never been so much fun.

Choose from 32 new Happy Birthday designs for Mail and send to friends, family and colleagues. With our new Birthday Cards stationery collection you can have fun with friends. Drag their photo into our humorous templates and create your own gag as you wish them a Happy Birthday. Copy your friends into the email too, so they don't miss out on the fun. Cheer up relatives and colleagues with a range of traditional birthday themed designs: from cakes to candles, bouquets to balloons. The new SongGenie takes your music collection up a level.

You can automatically search for lyrics on freely accessible web archives and saves them directly in the music file. Or you can browse through a fully configurable web search to look up lyrics without having to type anything. SongGenie detects passages of text on various websites and can apply the found text with a single mouse click.

Enjoy a perfect music library with lyrics on your Mac, iPhone or iPod. Add tags, genres and more info to your music files. SongGenie is an iTunes saver for your Mac. Creating an acoustic fingerprint for all your tracks, SongGenie automatically completes your music collection. You can select any music folders on your hard drive, and even those on external storage. SongGenie's eagle-eye can also detect typos and spelling mistakes.

You can make your Genius playlists a little bit smarter with a fully complete music library. Get even more from your songs using SongGenie's slick integration with album cover art finder CoverScout from equinux. Want to use your Mac to make secure connections to remote business networks over the Internet?

We've just released VPN Tracker 6. In addition we have improved compatibility and connection speeds for many Cisco devices. The Secure Desktop automatically connects to the correct VPN and all connections can be closed with one button. Business Packs can contain up to 3 Professional Editions for configuration and network administration, as well as up to 25 Player Editions. If you're already a registered VPN Tracker 6 user, you can update to version 6. Upgrade prices are based on the previous version and can be accessed using the License Manager on the equinux website.

Do you already earn more on eBay with iSale? Now you can add your Facebook friends to your target pool by posting your auction to your wall and everyone will be informed. We have worked to make iSale 5. That's not all the new iSale 5. We have been busy playing a bit with google's services. View all your buyers with our updated google map integration. We have also added support for Picasa Webalbum's two-gigabyte free picture service. Beyond that we did some major changes under the hood to not only make iSale noticeably quicker but more reliable too.

If you are a registered iSale 5 user, you can update to iSale 5. Those with previous versions can upgrade to version 5 at a discounted price. The software is available in English, German and French. Box has an updated connection wizard for simple setup. Our unrivaled support for so many devices in version 6. The innovative Secure Desktop means you can connect to your office wherever you are and work as if sat in front of desk.

These unique greetings and countless variations included with "Master Your Mail" will help you to create the most personal emails you've ever sent. You can even bring your messages to life with your special photos! Why stop at just making your emails more memorable, when you can also give your music collection a complete makeover?

You will add a new dimension to your music library by finding album artwork with CoverScout, completing track information with SongGenie and making your music more accessible by bringing it together with your movies and more in MediaCentral. Plus while you're at it, why not also maximize your profits on eBay? Just pick and customize a snazzy auction template from iSale and you'll soon be attracting plenty of bids and compliments!

Hurry up, if you want to get the best value for your money. Summer Spirit Cards let you create picture postcards of your vacation, invitations for your friends and family to next weekend's BBQ and announcements letting all your friends know that you're back on campus. Summer Spirit Cards are the perfect accessory for every Mac user with an eye for design and for jaw-dropping emails.

Top-notch backgrounds, elaborate mask effects and perfectly positioned picture drop zones make each greeting card not only eye catching but something special. Summer Spirit Cards ship with the Stationery Pack Browser making it easy to quickly find the perfect greeting card.

You can sort all available templates by category and keywords or, if you're looking for something specific, you can also type in your own search terms. For a big picture, you can view the templates with the Quick Look window. There's also a reduced price family pack available at the equinux Online Store for use on up to 5 Macs for only USD This interactive tool based on Google Maps gives you a good idea as to which digital free-to-air e.

Viewing channel listings for your area couldn't be simpler with TubeStick Map. All you need to do is select your country, enter a ZIP code and the TubeStick map will list the channels avalible in that area. TubeStick Map is available via www. TubeStick is the innovative solution for Mac users who would like to do more than simply convert their Mac into a video recorder.

Stream live TV directly from your Mac to your iPhone and remotely schedule recordings, ready to watch them later on your Mac or even on the go. VPN Tracker 5. The how-to guide for setting up VPN Tracker with these devices is available at vpntracker. The iSale Lab shows all active iSale auctions on eBay and will break down the auctions into the ten most popular categories, market places and iSale templates. The iSale community is still one of the fastest growing: In almost , Mac users purchased iSale.

The iSale Lab was officially certified by eBay and is available for free at equinux. Surprise your friends and family with a beautiful Easter-Mail: equinux provides you with eight high quality e-mail templates in the iPhone App Store. Just take a picture with your iPhone or choose a photo from your library and drag it to a Dropzone, type your personal message in the dynamic textboxes and send off the e-mail. Your personal Easter greetings will definitly be on time.

If your new iPod shuffle's announcements consist of only "track 01" and "unknown album", SongGenie can quickly help you determine the missing track information by using acoustic fingerprints. Your iPhone and iPod with display will benefit from CoverScout's album cover search by displaying the correct cover in the Cover Flow view. For each track SongGenie 1. You can now apply all the details of already identified tracks at once - automatically if desired. If the artwork for a track is missing, SongGenie starts searching in CoverScout with one mouseclick.

Improve your search results in CoverScout with complete track information by using SongGenie. This way brushing up your music collection will be a walk in the park. Typos that have prevented finding the right covers are now history. MediaCentral turns your Mac into the ultimate home theatre system and integrates a range of media formats into one application.

Now you can turn your living room into the ultimate fully-featured Media Centre with TV in the highest quality. See the complete list of all compatible TV devices for MediaCentral. Channel-hop with a fingertip and start your TV recordings in high quality picture. Having recorded the TV show at home on your Mac, you can watch the TV recordings via the internet - without syncing your Mac with your iPhone or iPod touch.

TubeToGo saves TV recordings online giving you full freedom without compromising the disk space on your iPhone. And the best is yet to come: You can even manage TV recordings via the TubeToGo interface and share them with your friends. With The Tube 2. The Tube 2. Thus, Mac users no longer need to do without the fully developed iPhone integration and unique community features of The Tube: Stream Live TV to an iPhone, schedule TV recordings online on the go to watch them later and use the free of charge TV guide.

Both "are excellently integrated within the TV reception on a Mac", says the review. In addition, The Tube 2. By improving channel detection and the TV engine itself, The Tube 2. To benefit from these changes, equinux suggests to all users to restart the channel detection after the update. Mac users can now transform their iPhone into a TV with a mobile video library. They can even program recordings in The Tube on the go. Both new iPhone Apps underline the philosophy of equinux to bring easy-to-use interfaces together with elaborate functionality," says equinux's CEO Till Schadde.

It has literally transformed the TV experience for the rest of us. As soon as an iPhone is registered with The Tube, all currently available TV channels will be available with a click. It's also just that easy to change channels in "Live TV" and even start a recording. Additionally, they can program recordings in their personal electronic program guide EPG and manage the complete recordings archive on the go.

TubeToGo also offers the possibility to share published recordings with friends. TubeToGo uses MobileMe or any other ftp server for online storage. Would you like to invite your special someone to a romantic dinner? Send your nearest and dearest a coupon? Or send a friend a Valentine's Day reminder? The interactive element of several e-mail templates allows you to change the background and motif with a mouse click. Even the long-stemmed rose grows with the text, if your professions of love become a bit more lengthy.

No Mac should be without it this Valentine's Day! VPN Tracker 5 is the perfect tool for every Mac user on the move who doesn't want to worry about the security of their data. VPN Tracker combines user friendliness with the highest level of security. SongGenie ist auf Deutsch und Englisch lokalisiert. Untitled and incorrect music titles in your iTunes library are now history. Today equinux released SongGenie, a software application designed to analyze, identify and complete music data.

SongGenie constructs an acoustic fingerprint of each track and, based on specific characteristics, detects the appropriate artist name, song title and album title.

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SongGenie automatically identifies tracks containing incomplete or incorrect information. It even detects music titles for tracks with no artist, album or song title information; titles that were digitalized without extra information and are therefore called, for example, "Title 01" and additional characters that suggest incorrect names like an underline. Using an acoustic fingerprint, SongGenie determines which track to work on and intuitively inserts the correct information in its user interface.

With just a click, the appropriate description text is transferred to the track in question. SongGenie is localized in English and German. With iSale mobile, iSale users have everything they need to create drafts of their auctions at home or on the move. The iSale mobile user interface has the same look and feel as the award-winning iSale on your Mac thanks to the same assortment of background themes. In addition to integrating an iPhone connection via iSale mobile, iSale 5.

Price and Availability The iSale 5. The easily operable user interface allows users to choose all channels directly on their iPhone. As soon as your iPhone is registered with The Tube, you'll be able to watch all available channels on your iPhone with a simple click. And you can also change channels in "Live TV" just that easily. The Tube is delivered with the TubeStick, the TV receiver from equinux and currently supports more than 20 different TV receivers including those from Hauppauge. The Tube brings digital and analog TV to your Mac.

You can watch live television, pause running shows Timeshift , go through the TV listings in the electronic program guide EPG and schedule recordings. The Tube is the only TV application with TubeTalk live-chat and a lot of other amazing community features. With the web service, TubeToGo, you can watch and program recordings via the internet on your iPhone or iPod touch online. This year Leopard users can finally send their holiday cards and letters by e-mail. The collection expands Mac OS X The collection templates range from lovely motifs for personal holiday greetings to motifs oriented toward family and friends and still further to reflective templates perfect for business partners and company use.

The Season's Greetings '08 Collection thus expands the possibilities of Leopard Mail just in time for the holidays. All the e-mail templates, including the two existing Stationery Pack collections, can be sorted according to keyword, displayed in a QuickView preview window and installed via the Stationery Pack Browser 2. Profit from the seemingly endless possibilities of the Stationery Pack templates to give your e-mails a personal touch. The Stationery Pack software manages the complete stationery template packages: Stationery Pack 1 for Mac users who want to design sophisticated e-mails, Stationery Pack 2 for users who expect the best in e-mail design and technology and the Season's Greetings '08 Collection for everyone who wants to send perfect, personalized holiday cards.

Discover the next generation of e-mail. Discover Stationery Pack. MediaCentral has just been made even more attractive for all users who want to transform their Mac into a media center. MediaCentral 2. This brings the number of TV receivers compatible with MediaCentral 2.

OpenOffice (Mac)

The new TubeStick mini costs VAT and is now available in a double-pack for only In addition, it is compatible with over 20 TV receivers. With its compact size, the new TubeStick is sure to impress and it provides everything you need to watch TV on your Mac when you're on the go. Only The new TubeStick maintains the glossy white lines of its predecessor and fits perfectly into the Mac universe.

The TubeStick package also includes a matching white mini bar antenna with mini connection plug. Indoor or outdoor arials can easily be connected to the adaptor included. The Tube distinguishes itself through its unique community function, free electronic program guide EPG and easy-to-use interface. Selected programs can automatically be filed in an online memory space so you can watch, manage and program TV recordings via the Internet on your iPhone.

CylancePROTECT | Products | Cylance

Your complete recordings archive is always available without occupying internal memory space. The mini TubeStick is available immediately for only And for the market launch, equinux is offering a TubeTalk bundle of two TubeSticks for only Today equinux releases TubeGuide US, a subscription-based TV listing service that displays the programming information for both digital and analog TV channels.

TubeStick makes it easy and fun to watch, schedule and manage TV recordings at home or on the go. Now alongside their TubeStick hybrid, equinux's stylish white TV receiver, users are able to directly access detailed information about upcoming TV shows broadcasted via digital free-to-air, digital unencrypted cable ClearQAM and analog cable TV. The TubeGuide US automatically updates the information to instantly provide the latest TV information for the upcoming days. Users can even create up to four location-based lineups: When the user switches locations, the available program information for that location will automatically be loaded.

Within the application settings, users can easily set up or log-in with their existing account information. It detects most every channel and assigns the current channel information from IceTV's program guide to each one. TubeStick presents TV program information in a clearly arranged list without having to toggle between different application windows. The easy-to-use application interface allows users to see at a glance all currently running TV shows, which are listed next to each available channel.

To schedule recordings, users just have to click next to the TV listing. It's never been easier to manage scheduled recordings. VPN Tracker 5 connects your Mac to remote networks through a secure VPN tunnel, making it possible to access data, servers and e-mails. VPN Tracker was entirely newly programmed using Cocoa and combines user friendliness with the highest security.

About equinux equinux www. Today equinux released CoverScout 3, the ultimate software to complete album covers in iTunes. With its sleek and intuitive user interface, CoverScout searches the Internet to find missing album art and can automatically apply its findings to your music library. CoverScout's integrated editor and automatic workflow complete every music library. Its intuitive and familiar interface make it easy for anyone to flip through their music library and find all their missing cover art. CoverScout scans your music library as soon as the application is launched showing all covered and uncovered tracks.

It searches for appropriate cover art on the internet which it can automatically apply to entire albums or individual tracks. Search multiple sources, edit cover artwork CoverScout begins where iTunes ends. It can also be adjusted to include additional search sources. In the integrated cover editor, each album cover can be edited with pixel precision, rotated, cropped, scaled and the colors can be adjusted.

CoverScout even offers the option to photograph rare albums with one's iSight. CoverScout will appear in a high quality product box at local Apple retailers soon. Stationery Pack 2 contains over e-mail designs, that can be generated from a total of templates with a simple mouse click. Mac, find Stationery Pack, with its wealth of e-mail choices, an ideal successor with even more possibilities. A total of high-class templates are thereby transformed into more than possible e-mail designs for nearly every occasion: congratulations, invitations, holidays greetings and much more.

E-mails with a personal touch Stationery Pack 2 templates contain dynamic text fields, which adapt to the length of your message. To turn your own photos into a virtual postcard with a personal touch, you can insert photos from iPhoto, Aperture and any other picture folder in Mac OS X.

Through sophisticated drop zones and clever combinations of place holders for pictures, you're able to create exciting e-mails for unforgettable moments. For an overview of the vast array of different e-mail designs, equinux delivers Stationery Pack 2 with useful software. The display surface is similar to iTunes and divides the template collection into seven categories. It also sorts according to key words and filters templates with the help of a text search. To give you a better idea of each template, an enlarged preview of each is also provided along with all its design variations.

Prices and Availability Stationery Pack 2 is now available in the equinux online store at www. The software appearing in a high-quality box is coming soon to Apple retailers. September 11, MediaCentral 2. Today users of MediaCentral 2. We've improved the TV reception and now filter encrypted TV channels more efficiently. And you can now access the media library of ZDF, Germany's top public broadcasting station. This gives you the opportunity to view and enjoy countless recent and archived programs.

You can quickly navigate through TV programs and various archive-views with the intuitive and easy-to-operate interface, easily controlled via remote control from your sofa. MediaCentral sorts the content of the media library by program title, yesterday's programs, programs aired in the last 7 days or as a chronologically-sorted archive. Additionally, the current version offers a refresh of the most current movie trailers that can all be accessed directly from the main interface.

In addition, the latest version of MediaCentral offers all up-to-date movie trailers. Today equinux has released VPN Tracker 5. Moreover, VPN Tracker 5. In addition, VPN Tracker 5. The user interface contains numerous helpful improvements that make everyday work with VPN Tracker easier. Additionally, VPN Tracker 5. To make it even easier to deploy VPN Tracker for the first time, or upgrade to the newest generation of VPN Tracker, equinux has reworked and updated its extensive database of configuration instructions.

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At www. German VAT. More recently iSale 5 has been getting much praise for its improved interface, ease of listing and even its enjoyment. For the third time this year, iSale 5 has won a 5 out of 5 rating, this time from San Francisco based MacLife magazine. The reviewers came to the conclusion that "iSale is a powerful tool for eBay pros and newcomers alike. Easy design options can add more value to your eBay auctions, but iSale 5 is a Leopard-only party. Two months ago the reviewers of the market-leading Mac magazine in the UK, Macworld , concluded that "iSale is a slick and simple tool for auction creation, with a clear workflow easily beating eBay's own tools feature for feature.

And last but not least, the french editors of iCreate also rated iSale 5 with a 5 out of 5 star rating in their current issue, which makes us really proud. Just keep in mind that at any given moment there are cerca 80, auctions and at times quite a few more online created with iSale. Some may ask why there are so many - the answer is simple. US users are now able to watch live digital and analog television within Media Central. When TubeStick hybrid is being used in conjunction with MediaCentral, users can access saved locations, thus eliminating the need to again search for channels.

The TV channels and total viewing experience can be controlled with the Apple Remote making it simple to pause the current TV show and catch up later using Timeshift. Watch your favorite The Tube recordings MediaCentral 2. Users only need to click through their library with the Apple Remote, choose their preferred recording and start playback. It is also possible to activate closed captioning while watching with the Apple Remote. Users need only visit the equinux website and download the new version to install it. The Tube users can share the show they're currently watching with others via iChat, tell friends about their TubeToGo web gallery and subscribe to a podcast of their latest recordings, e.

The Tube also adds numerous other Leopard-exclusive features. Leopard users can simply drag a The Tube icon into an active video chat to enjoy the show with friends via iChat Theater. The iChat partner can even record a video clip of the show being shared. The podcast can then accessed directly by an Apple TV device, which can download any new recordings automatically.

Users that would like to share their web galleries with friends can now invite them to take a look via email. To help keep track of TV shows, users can now also add individual entries from the electronic programming guide EPG to iCal and automatically be reminded when a show is about to start. The Tube uses Core Graphics animations throughout its interface and can exclude The Tube-recordings from Time Machine-Backups, in order to save valuable backup space for other files. The stylish white USB-stick and mini-antenna flow seamlessly with the current design of Apple products. The intent of TubeStick hybrid, and specifically The Tube, is to bring the TV-community together and make it even easier to watch TV-recordings while on-the-go with one's iPod or iPhone.

TubeStick hybrid - Two Receivers, one device The minimalist designed housing combines two TV receivers - one for digital TV reception and the other for analog. The analog tuner can tune free over-the-air analog signals and with the included breakout cable, users can capture analog signals from a variety of sources including video cameras and game consoles via either S-Video or Composite video connections. The Tube has been designed for more than just watching TV - Timeshift can be used to pause live TV and play back missed moments and TubeTalk offers public chat rooms where TV-viewers can comment on and discuss the television program they are currently watching.

The Tube brings all these features and more into a single window with an intuitive interface. With the integrated and free web-service TubeToGo, recordings can be made available in an online web gallery. Once uploaded, these programs can be viewed while the user is out and about. In the protected area of TubeToGo, users have full access to their favorite shows - including the ability to add, remove and even schedule recordings.

All this can be done online with either an internet connected iPhone or iPod touch or a standard Safari web browser. All that is needed is a high-speed internet connection and a place to store those recordings - TubeToGo supports both. Perfect for the Switchers in the world The TubeStick hybrid is ideal for those users who find themselves switching between Mac and Windows machines.

Wie benenne ich einen Port um? Aktivieren oder deaktivieren Sie die Option Port aktiviert. Klicken Sie ein- oder mehrmals auf die Pfeiltasten neben Umordnen. In diesem Fall verwendet Notes beim Aufbau einer Verbindung zu einem Zielserver die Ports in der Reihenfolge, die im Verbindungsdokument festgelegt ist. Klicken Sie auf Status anzeigen.

Daraufhin wird ein Fenster mit Statusinformationen zu den Ports angezeigt. Sie kann aber auch zur Behebung anderer Probleme herangezogen werden. Anmerkung: Ihr Administrator steuert die folgenden Einstellungen:.

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Wie lege ich Replizierungsvorgaben fest? Klicken Sie auf das Pluszeichen und dann auf Vorgabe. Anpassbare Einstellungen der Arbeitsumgebung. Schriftarteinstellungen in der Notes-. Damit wird bestimmten Datenbereichen von Notes z. Das Formelfenster besteht aus mehreren Steuerelementen, mindestens zwei Kombinationsfeldern und einem Bearbeitungsfeld zum Eingeben des Scripttextes.

Wechseln Sie in den Bearbeitungsmodus. Alphabetisch nach Name sortierte Sonderzeichen Tabelle Sonderzeichen sortiert nach erweiterter Tastenkombination Eine Tastenkombination ist eine Tastenfolge, die ein Sonderzeichen generiert. Klicken Sie auf den Aktualisierungspfeil im Inhaltsumschalter eines Rahmens, um den Inhalt dieses Rahmens zu aktualisieren.

Tipps Klicken Sie im Werkzeugfenster auf? Um das Werkzeugfenster wieder anzuzeigen, klicken Sie rechts auf der Startseite auf den Pfeil. Ein neues Memo schreiben Eine andere Mailansicht als den Maileingang oder den Inhalt eines Ordners anzeigen Den Bereich "Neue Nachrichten" erweitern, um Threads anzuzeigen, sodass beim Klicken auf eine Nachricht diese zusammen mit ihren Antworten angezeigt wird. Anmerkung: Das Logo-Bild sollte nicht mehr als 45 Pixel hoch sein ca.

Das Bild kann so breit sein, wie es Ihr Monitor erlaubt. Das bzw. Gehen Sie hierbei wie beim ersten Team-Register vor. Klicken Sie auf ein Arbeitsbereichsregister. Doppelklicken Sie auf das Arbeitsbereichsregister. Doppelklicken Sie auf ein beliebiges Arbeitsbereichsregister.

Klicken Sie auf das Register Einstellungen. NDK zu begrenzen. NDK kann nicht komprimiert werden. Anwendungen zuvor Datenbanken — Notes stellt automatisch Kopien aller Arbeitsbereichssymbole in den Ordner "Anwendungen". Jede Arbeitsbereichsseite Register wird als Ordner dargestellt und die Arbeitsbereichssymbole erscheinen in diesen Ordnern als Lesezeichen. Protokoll — Vergleichbar mit der Protokollfunktion in einem Web-Browser. Mit einem Datum versehene Unterordner innerhalb des Ordners "Protokoll" enthalten die Lesezeichenliste der letzten sieben Tage.

Klicken Sie auf Ja , wenn Sie dazu aufgefordert werden. Wenn Sie beispielsweise den Ordner "Protokoll" entfernt haben, wird er hierdurch wiederhergestellt. In Ihren lokalen Datendateien. Gemeinsam, privat bei Erstbenutzung Erstellt eine gemeinsam nutzbare Version einer Ansicht oder eines Ordners.

  1. Detect and Prevent Malware?
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  3. arp spoofing vs mac flooding.
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  5. Klicken Sie auf OK , um die neue Ansicht zu erstellen. In den anderen Kalenderformaten wird die Endezeit jedoch angezeigt. Ansichten mit Kategorien verwalten Kategorien helfen Ihnen dabei, Daten in Ansichten mit vielen Dokumenten zu organisieren und schneller in diesen Ansichten zu navigieren. Erweitern Sie Kalender und Aufgaben. Tipp: Bei einigen Notes-Anwendungen, z. Aktivieren oder deaktivieren Sie die Option Kopien sortieren. Optional: Legen Sie beliebige Macintosh-Standarddruckoptionen fest, wie z. Klicken Sie auf Drucken. So zeigen Sie eine Vorschau eines Seitenlayouts an. Macintosh-Benutzer: Klicken Sie auf Drucken.

    Anmerkung: Das Dialogfeld "Dokument drucken" sollte angezeigt werden. Die Vorgabe ist 2,54 cm 1 Zoll. Die Vorgabe ist 0. Legen Sie im Register Papierformat diese Optionen wie in der oben stehenden Tabelle beschrieben fest. So drucken Sie eine Ansicht. Wie sollen Dokumente gedruckt werden? Alle Dokumente formatieren mit Tabelle Um beispielsweise Seite 1 von 4 usw. Verwenden Sie Tabulatoren. Wenn Sie Notes 8.

    Die Domino Administrator-Hilfe finden Sie unter www. Built on Eclipse www. TeamRoom verwalten. So erstellen Sie einen Meilenstein bzw. Ein Datum, das vor liegt, generiert einen Fehler im Web. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie von Ihrem Systemadministrator. Was sind "Embedded Experiences"? Registerseiten, Seitenleiste, unverankertes Fenster oder Dialogfeld. Live-Text mit Widgetaktionen verbinden.

    Wenn das Widget installiert wurde, werden die erweiterten Funktionen des Gadgets im Client aktiviert. Wie verwende ich vCards? Siehe Wie importiere ich Kontakte aus anderen Quellen? Beispiel: Mai Mai " angibt. Klicken Sie auf Schriftarten und Farben. Klicken Sie auf Briefkopf. Klicken Sie oberhalb der Nachricht auf Zustelloptionen. Klicken Sie auf Kontakte. Sie wirkt sich nicht auf die aktuelle E-Mail aus. Sie wirkt sich nicht auf bereits im Maileingang vorhandene Nachrichten aus.

    Mail archivieren. Klicken Sie auf Benachrichtigungen. Anmerkung: Es kann vorkommen, dass das Datum auf dem Briefkopf vor dem Senden in der Vorlage nicht richtig angezeigt wird. Dieser Fehler wird jedoch beim Zustellen korrigiert. Klicken Sie auf das Register Abschnittstitel und -umrandung.

    Anmerkung: Um eine verschachtelte Tabelle eine Tabelle innerhalb einer anderen Tabelle zu erstellen, erstellen Sie eine einfache Tabelle in einer Zelle einer anderen Tabelle. Klicken Sie auf das Register Schrift. Klicken Sie auf Neue Regel. Alle Aktionen entfernen Klicken Sie auf Alle entfernen. Nachrichten archivieren, um Speicherplatz zu schaffen Das Archivieren gibt Speicherplatz frei und verbessert die Leistung Ihrer Maildatenbank. Diese Kriterien teilen Notes mit, welche Dokumente archiviert werden sollen und was mit den Dokumenten geschehen soll.

    Ihr Computer muss zum geplanten Zeitpunkt eingeschaltet sein. Lesezeichen oder Anwendungen nach Name suchen. Klicken Sie in einem aktiven Fenstertab auf das x. Zwischen Fenstertabs wechseln. Ein Lesezeichen erstellen. Fenstertabs neu anordnen. Ziehen Sie einen Fenstertab in die Lesezeichenleiste oder -liste.

    Alle x Minuten automatisch speichern. Lokaler Anwendungsordner. Ungelesene Dokumente suchen. Lokale periodische Agenten aktivieren. Fensterstatus beim Beenden speichern. Strukturierter Arbeitsbereich. JavaScript aktivieren. JavaScript-Fehlerdialoge aktivieren. Cookies annehmen. Ansichtsaktualisierungen als Hintergrund-Task deaktivieren. Spaltensortierung einer Ansicht beibehalten. MS Office "Senden an" Notes aktivieren.

    Web-Palette verwenden. Unicode-Anzeige aktivieren. Wenn keine Textsprache angegeben, Sprache der Maske verwenden. Notes bei vCard-Dateien starten. Beim Starten Arbeitsumgebung abfragen. Behindertengerechte Tastaturnavigation verwenden. Symbol-Popup-Hilfe in Ansicht aktivieren. Inhalt des Felds "Namen" beim Druck erweitern.

    Druckvorschau auf aktueller Seite starten. Notes- nicht Web- Abfragesyntax in der Ansichtssuchleiste. Nicht nachfragen, wenn alle Dokumente als gelesen bzw. Java-Applets aktivieren. Systemfarben verwenden. Symbolleisten ausblenden. Deaktivieren Sie Symbolleisten anzeigen. Kontextsensitive Symbolleisten in die Liste aufnehmen. Eine neue Symbolleiste erstellen. Klicken Sie auf Neue Symbolleiste. Umbenennen einer von Ihnen erstellten Symbolleiste.

    SmartIcons importieren. Symbolleisten nur beim Bearbeiten anzeigen. Klicken Sie auf Vorgaben wiederherstellen. COBOL ignorieren. Schreibfehler bereits bei der Eingabe automatisch korrigieren lassen. Aus einem Dokument heraus auf Aktionen zugreifen. Pfeiltasten, Links- und Rechtspfeil. In Registern oder einer horizontalen Liste navigieren. Linke Seitenleiste geschlossen. Linke Seitenleiste schmal. Linke Seitenleiste offen. Rechte Seitenleiste schmal. Rechte Seitenleiste offen.

    Rechte Seitenleiste geschlossen. Auf die Seitenleiste zugreifen. Nur Linux Hilfe zur aktuellen Funktion aufrufen. Seitenweise im Kalender navigieren. Mail- oder Kalendereintrag beantworten. Eine Kategorie oder einen Ordner erweitern oder komprimieren. Eine Kategorie oder einen Ordner komprimieren. Eine Kategorie, einen Ordner oder einen Thread erweitern.

    TAB-Taste Planer. In einem eingebetteten Element navigieren. Eine neue Anwendung erstellen. Aktuelles Dokument im Bearbeitungsmodus , Ansicht oder Arbeitsbereich aktualisieren. Einen Ordner in einer eingebetteten Gliederung komprimieren. In einer aktiven Seite an das Ende navigieren. In einer aktiven Seite an den Anfang navigieren. Einen Ordner in einer eingebetteten Gliederung erweitern. Alle Ansichten in der aktuellen Anwendung aktualisieren. Ein eingebettetes Element fokussieren. In einer eingebetteten Gliederung navigieren.

    In einer eingebetteten Ansicht navigieren. Aktuell komprimierte Ansicht, Kategorie oder Ordner mit Unterebenen erweitern. An das Ende des Navigations- oder Ansichtsfensters wechseln. An den Anfang des Navigations- oder Ansichtsfensters wechseln. An das Ende der aktuellen Zeile navigieren. An den Anfang der aktuellen Zeile navigieren. Ansichten und Ordner mit Unterebenen erweitern und komprimieren. Erweiterte Ansichten, Kategorien oder Ordner komprimieren. Komprimierte Ansichten, Kategorien oder Ordner erweitern.

    Alle komprimierten Ansichten, Kategorien oder Ordner mit Unterebenen erweitern. Zum vorherigen Fenster oder Rahmen wechseln. Zwischen Ansichten und Ordnern wechseln. Zum ersten InfoBox-Register navigieren. Zum vorherigen InfoBox-Register navigieren. Hilfe zur aktuellen InfoBox aufrufen. Zur vorherigen Option oder zum vorherigen Optionssatz in einer InfoBox wechseln.

    Logoist Mac

    Elemente in einem Listenfeld oder einer Tabelle eine Zeile nach unten verschieben. Elemente in einem Listenfeld oder einer Tabelle eine Zeile nach oben verschieben. Vorheriges Wort markieren. Text bis zur selben Position der vorherigen Zeile markieren. Bis zum Ende der aktuellen Zeile markieren. Bis zum Anfang der aktuellen Zeile markieren. Vorheriges Zeichen markieren. Bis zum Anfang der aktuellen Zeile markieren, vorherige Zeile fokussieren. Anderes Feld in einer Maske. Zum Anfang des aktuellen Wortes navigieren. Zum Zeilenende navigieren. Zum Zeilenanfang navigieren.

    Zum vorherigen Feld in einer Maske navigieren. Zur vorherigen Zeile in einer Tabelle navigieren. Text suchen und ersetzen. Ein eingebettetes Element verlassen. Komprimierte Ansicht, Kategorie oder Ordner mit Unterebenen erweitern. Lineal anzeigen oder verbergen. A Akut.

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